March 3, 2024

Real Estate Marketing

The Content Center – Part 2

Real Estate Blogging

Real Estate Blogging - Real Estate Center of Content

This is part 2 of a series on creating a center of content that supports your real estate business.

You always need a center of content and the primary center will be your website and the service and content that it provides. You can further enhance your content center with a blog and your real estate blog will be a perfect compliment to your website.

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Link Building

Link Building

Links are often the Missing Factor for Search Position Success


Link Building - What's Missing?

Many businesses seek a high position in search. These businesses fully realize that when someone is actively searching for something and then finds what they are looking for (their business) it is a big success for their business.

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Real Estate SEO

Real Estate SEOReal Estate SEO – Steady Wins the Race

Create A Comprehensive Real Estate Search Engine Optimization Plan


To be effective at gaining and maintaining position in a competitive real estate market you need a SEO plan that covers all the bases. Real Estate SEO needs to be a multi-dimensional approach.

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ROI for Social Media

Measuring ROI for Social Media Marketing

It hard to measure when “It depends”.

Measuring ROI for Social Media Marketing



I have a friend who has a very nice guitar. Most of the time this guitar is in his closet. What is the $ return on investment (ROI) of this guitar? For my friend the dollar value of ROI for this guitar is zero. However, the same guitar could have a $ ROI for Jimmy Page of millions of dollars. You could say that Guitar+Talent+Action=$ ROI and this would be true but the point is that $ ROI is situational.

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Personalized Content Marketing

Make Your Content Stand Out

Connect on a Person-to-Person Level

The most powerful content makes a personal connection. Econsultancy found that 52% of digital marketers agree that “the ability to personalize content is fundamental to their online strategy.” While you don’t have to provide personal anecdotes or points of view for every post you publish, try to add a personal touch and create content specific to your target audience that engages in a personal way.

The Person Behind the Words

Readers like to know that there is a real person behind the words—don’t be afraid to draw back the curtain so people can see the content wizard—you.

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Blogging Ideas

Blogging IdeasKeep your Business Blog Relevant and Fresh

Blogging Ideas and Why

It is vital to keep your blog up-to-date and to have it present fresh and interesting content.

You need have to keep your blog updated regularly to keep visitors interested.

Here are a few other reasons to keep your blog fresh . . .

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Content Marketing Challenges

Content Marketing Challenges

Overcoming Content Marketing Challenges

Content Marketing ChallengesContent marketing is a hot item right now. Also, as is often the case with a hot topic in the marketing world, there are also plenty of challenges that go along with it. This is certainly the case when it comes to content marketing.

Whether it’s coming up with ideas, writing newsletter articles, creating and maintaining a blog, or just thinking of material to share on Facebook, Twitter or Google + content marketing has challenges.

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