July 17, 2024

Signs You Need To Improve Your SEO Strategy

Does Your Website SEO Protect You?

Improve Your SEO Strategy

Here Are Some Telltale Signs That Your SEO May Not Be Doing Enough

If you have a website that looks wonderful, then this is super! However, a nice looking website is of very little value to the business owner and employees if no one sees it. Here are some signs that your SEO strategy needs some upgrading or perhaps even a major overhaul.

Many businesses do not even have an SEO strategy. Therefore, if you do, then you are better than some. However, don’t compare your SEO performance to a competitor with no SEO strategy. A competitor without an SEO strategy is not worth being compared to.

In the world of search positioning, you need to be better in the niche than the competitors that are currently in the search position you want to be in. Google and the other major search engines seek out, compare, and rate the websites in a niche.

The owners of these well-positioned websites most likely do have a sound SEO strategy and consistent SEO tactics.

Here are 15 telltale signs that your SEO strategy needs to be reworked.

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Using Twitter Lists

Using Twitter Lists Improves Efficiency

Using Twitter Lists

Reasons to Use Twitter Lists

By using Twitter lists you can quickly check on a select group of Twitter accounts to see what they are tweeting about. Checking specific lists helps you to focus and to be both more efficient and effective on Twitter.

This is a Twitter Tip post about using Twitter Lists to become both more efficient and effective on Twitter.

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Twitter Marketing Effectiveness

How Does Twitter Fit into Your Marketing?

Twitter As A Marketing Awareness Tool

Twitter Marketing Awareness

If you are like many marketers, you are often confused about what part of your marketing is working and what part is not. You may even be confused about something that appears to be working but you cannot really measure by how much.

Join the club!

Here is some advice on how to better understand and therefore realize the value of Twitter as a marketing awareness tool. Part of your confusion may be because you are trying to measure every aspect of your marketing in the same way. By using the same performance metrics for every marketing tool you use may (and often does) lead to confusion.

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Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Reducing Your Bounce Rate

It’s All About The ExperienceBounce Rate Reduction

Provide someone with an outstanding experience and they will only want more. When someone visits your website or blog they are there to have a rewarding experience. They will want to learn something, be entertained and have the experience easy and trouble-free.

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Advice On How To Get the Best Listings

Real Estate Marketing

Advice On How To Get the Best Listings

This is a how-to blog post. It outlines a step-by-step process which will help you – the real estate agent – move through the process of the initial call to having the listing agreement. This approach will help any home owner to feel comfortable listing their property with you.

Real Estate Marketing - Getting The Best Listings

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The Importance of Your Twitter Header Graphic

The Importance of Your Twitter Header GraphicYour Twitter header graphic can be a major factor in how someone views your Twitter account. It can also be a factor many consider when they are trying to decide whether to follow you or not. The header graphic is something that helps me to decide whether to follow or not.

It is a good move to create a Twitter header graphic that is captivating, a header graphic that is true to your brand and helps people to understand quickly what you are all about.

Here are some of my favorite Twitter header graphics and why I like them. Each of these header graphic examples has a very real human aspect to them. This is important on social media.

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Twitter Tip – Bitly and Twitter

Bitly and Twitter

Using A Link Shortener with Twitter

Twitter Tip - Twitter Plus Bitly

Bitly is an online service which is known as a “link shortener”. This service converts long URLs to a shorter URLs. You sometimes want to link to other content within your tweet but if the URL link is too long then this can be a problem. You don’t want to use a large portion of your 280 characters simply by providing the linking URL. A link shortening service “shrinks” long URLs into much smaller ones. Link shortening is very valuable for Twitter.

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Become an Influencer on Twitter

How Do You Become an Influencer on Twitter?

Increase Your Influence on Twitter - Grow Your Influence on Twitter

Increase Your Influence on Twitter

I want to state up front that for you to be influential almost always means that you have specialized. You know your topic well. You can discuss it from multiple viewpoints and in an in-depth way because of this specialization.

Of course, there are some exceptions. Some people have influence beyond their expertise just because of their reputation or their position or their perceived intelligence. This post is not about those special influencers. It is a post for people who do not have that special position of influence and who want to become more influential in their specific area of expertise.

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