May 27, 2024

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Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Reducing Your Bounce Rate

It’s All About The ExperienceBounce Rate Reduction

Provide someone with an outstanding experience and they will only want more. When someone visits your website or blog they are there to have a rewarding experience. They will want to learn something, be entertained and have the experience easy and trouble-free.

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The Importance of Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate

A Powerful Way to Conceptualize The Importance of Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate


Bounce rate is something that I pay a great deal of attention to. However, I try (often too hard) to get my clients to pay attention to this important measurement.

Search traffic is important. Someone is searching for you and they find you. Once they find you then you want them to stay on your website. It is essentially a total failure if your site is presented in search and people who visit “bounce away”.

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