July 17, 2024

Business Building Coaching & Workshops

Business Coaching

Through the process of coaching our clients deepen their learning. This leads to improved performance. Coaching is also much more involved and extends beyond the single event workshop or seminar. It is educational training over a longer time frame where specific projects and be worked on and developed.

We coach on:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Blogging
  • Content Marketing
  • Pinterest

Coaching on all of these items can be done simultaneously.

Coaching programs are measurement and goal based. Goals will be set by creating goals with you fully involved. This evokes ownership and results in a strong bond between you and the goal. This is a helpful and powerful mindset.

Business Building Workshops

Workshops can be organized for you to expand the knowledge of your staff. A workshop will be customized for your business and your team in terms of the specific agenda and materials that will be covered.

Once we know the topics that you want to cover we will prepare a set of slides or a set of activities to initiate and stimulate the discussion. A workshop is very interactive and a business building workshop can be an efficient way to get people involved or trained and to develop solutions to your problems.

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Topics where we are confident that we can add value to your business are:

Web Design Workshop and Online Marketing

Web Design Market Studies: Do you know which keyword phrases will generate the best business opportunities for your business in search. What phrases do people use when they are searching for your business but they do not know that it exists? We can help you to define this and optimize for the most important terms.

Web Design Competitive Analysis: Do you know your key online competitors well? How have their sites been optimized? How much depth and variety of content do they have compared to your site? How many in-coming links do they have and are they of high quality? How do their in-coming links stack up to your links?

We give you a picture of the quality of your online competition and then stimulate the discussion on your options and how to implement a competition-beating plan.

Overall Strategic Marketing: We can discuss a big-picture strategy. Sometimes it is a great idea to have some outside insights to initial or stimulate a discussion or brainstorming session . We bring our insights to your marketing discussions. Review or current situation, brainstorming and implementation planning can be part of this session.

On-site Optimization of Your Site: We can review key issues and discuss how to make improvements. This is a great session to gain insights into optimization ideas, train your team in the key elements of web design and optimization and to define an implementation plan. Ideas on content creation planning can also be included.

Off-Site Optimization: We can review your present situation and discuss and define how to improve it. This topic meshes well with the on-site optimization session. If you develop great content then you tend to gain in-coming links naturally.  If you have a lack of links versus your competition (if this is the situation) then this will be high lighted and options to improve this situation can be presented and analyzed.

Website Functionality: We can review the stated functions of your site and discuss how to make improvements to improve conversion rates.

Content Marketing: The content of your website and/or blog is a critical (the most critical) aspect of your website or blog. It is the long-burning fuels that helps everything else. If you do not have content then you cannot effectively promote your content on social media; If you do not have content then there is nothing that can be search engine optimized; if you do not have content then it is difficult to present yourself and your business as an authority in your ideal client niche.

We can help you devise a content marketing plan for your business and your ideal market.

Marketing Planning Workshop

This workshop looks at all aspects of your marketing. Have you precisely defined your ideal markets? Have you developed a marketing plan for each market? Have you defined how you can differentiate your business from your competitors for each market? Have you brainstormed and decided upon how you can maximize your value to your key ideal markets? Have your vetted your ideal markets so that you are properly focused on the best markets for your business?

Again, our Market Planning Workshop will be specifically tailored for your business.

To have a marketing plan is a business essential that many businesses simply do not have. To not have a well defined and agreed upon marketing plan limits growth in the best case scenario and may even cause a company to go down the wrong path and waste both time and money in the process.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

This is a six-session workshop and each session is intended to be 2 hours in duration for a group of 8 people. Larger group sizes can be accommodated but then the session time must be extended. Participants will speak in front of the group at every session and speaking assignments will include both impromptu and prepared speeches. Every speech will include an evaluation and the final presentation will also require a PowerPoint presentation.

This is a fun, engaging and hands-on workshop with full participation the only requirement.

A workbook is included.

The team we will bring  to a workshop and the investment cost will vary depending on your needs. To start the process, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with your to learn more about your objectives.

Also, note that a combination of workshops can be organized. For example, the Leadership and Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Workshops are often combined.

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