May 28, 2024

Speaking Services

Gary Horsman speaks on various topics related to Internet Marketing.

Marketing Speech

In this marketing speech Gary covers the following main items:

  • The marketing database that Google makes available to us.
  • The philosophy of search and how it relates to marketing.
  • The differences between “traditional” interruption-based marketing with search engine marketing.
  • The Long Tail of search.

Today,  the searcher is in control and in fact does not allow interruptions and stays focus on the search.

Today, it is vital to consider the “long tail” of search when deciding how you want to market online. The value of long tail keywords is examined and the value of being found for the right long tail keywords explained. It is important to note that all businesses offer special products and services (long tail products and services). When we apply niche-based marketing for any of our specialized products or services then we are matching the specialization of the product or service to the target market. If we do this well, both the business and the searcher wins and so do the search engines. Everyone wins!

Gary will also share his insights and advice on how to market your business in the Age of Google.

Each presentation will be tailored to a specific audience. The focus speech Marketing in the Age of Google varies in length from between 20 and 40 minutes depending on the time allowed.

Gary is always happy to answer questions after any speech.

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