May 28, 2024

Real Estate SEO

Real Estate SEOReal Estate SEO – Steady Wins the Race

Create A Comprehensive Real Estate Search Engine Optimization Plan


To be effective at gaining and maintaining position in a competitive real estate market you need a SEO plan that covers all the bases. Real Estate SEO needs to be a multi-dimensional approach.


Some parts of this multi-faceted approach are more important than others but if your real estate business is in a competitive market then your website is always under pressure. If your goal is to dominate and generate a large number of qualified visitors from your website then executing on each aspect well is fundamental to your success.

Here are the components of a comprehensive real estate SEO plan.


The Authority of Your Domain


One of the most important aspects of doing well in search positioning is your domain authority. You might have a perfectly optimized piece of content that matches up extremely well with a specific keyword, but if Google doesn’t value your website or your domain then this item of content is not likely to gain good position.


High authority domains plus well optimized and targeted content leads to search engine success.


How do you build domain authority?


The main way is to gain high-quality backlinks to your website from other well established, quality websites. These links can be to your root domain but you also need links to deeper content. This sends a clear message to the search engines that your deep content is valuable and authoritative. This is how to prove the authority of your domain – get backlinks!


Also, ideally, you want to gain links consistently over time. It is not a once-off effort.


Local Content & Local Links


Your goal is search position and search position that generates qualified traffic. A significant way to build position is to create high quality local content. If you create delightful local content other local businesses now have reason to link to this local content. This enables you to build authority for your website specific to your geographic location.


By establishing a highly respected real estate website with deep, high quality local content, you can establish high search position for search terms related to your locale and keep it. Domination in real estate means local domination. You need local content to achieve this.


Long-Tail Keywords


As you create your delightful content optimize it for specific long-tail keywords. Note that if someone uses a long-tail phrase in search then they are clearly looking for something specific and if you have content optimized for the same long tail phrase (or something similar) then the major search engines really have no choice but to present your content to the searcher.


To be optimized for long-tail keywords is a great way to drive qualified traffic to your site. Use tools such as the Google keyword tool to find long-tail keywords to build content around. If you can make this content related specifically to your local market then this is even better.


Other Content Distribution Channels


Google has changed its algorithm once again and now Google prefers websites that don’t get all (or most) of their traffic from search.


The thinking is that if a website is generating “a buzz” via other channels then it must be a quality website. Google is trying to determine if there is “a buzz” by making observations on social media websites.


Some natural social media sites for real estate would be Pinterest and YouTube. Imagine a complete set of Pinterest Boards all with delightful local content and pointing back to your main site. Furthermore, imagine a nice set of local videos set up on your own YouTube channel and again pointing back to your center of content (your site and blog).


Send a strong message to the major search engines and use these two channels to promote your real estate business.


IDX Integration


To be a true real estate website you need to have an integrated IDX feed. Think about it. The value of a real estate site is not as valuable as it could be if a visitor to it cannot search for real estate.


From a domain authority perspective you are really shooting yourself in the foot if you do not have IDX integration. Beyond the search engine value it is extremely valuable for any visitors to your website. An integrated IDX feed which is optimized for search is an essential part of any real estate website.


Consistent and Fresh Content


Another SEO factor is consistency when it comes to publishing new content. When Google realizes that your site generates regular, fresh content, it will begin to crawl your website more. Remember it is Google’s job to know about your content. If Google sees that there is very little fresh content it may regard your site as less important than a competitor that does regular updates and consistently adds quality fresh content.



Create Quality Resources


In addition to more dynamic, blog-like content, consider building some high quality, long form resources for your readers. Perhaps you could create a guide for moving to your city or a guide to buying an investment property or even a comprehensive guide to your area.


High quality resources help create high rankings for deeper content. The search engines love high-quality deep content and so do people.

Long form content can also help your link-building efforts.


A Long-Term Mindset


Your approach to SEO cannot be something you do over the weekend or next week or even next year. The good news is that most of your competitors will quit this process before the benefits really kick in because it takes a while to see the results.


If you have a long-term mindset then over time you will have a website that is automatically generating high quality leads on a regular basis even while you sleep. Map out a plan with a focus on these elements and be consistent and you will have a thriving real estate business during the highs and lows.

Real Estate SEO – Steady Wins the RaceReal Estate SEO - Steady Wins The Race