May 28, 2024

The Blog Title Tag

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The Blog Title Tag

Your blog post title tag is the single most important place to put a keyword phrase if you want to optimize your blog post for the search engines. It is imperative that you set up the blog title tag properly for good blog SEO.


A title tag is simply a piece of HTML code which is understood by a browser. It is also understood by a search engine and the search engines use this HTML tag to understand the content of the page. Note that it is not necessary for you to know how to create the title tag – the blog software will do this for you.

Google and the other major search engine put a great deal of emphasis on the title tag.

The blog title tag should be a phrase that matches the content of the post and that is also an important keyword phrase that you would want to be found for in search. 

Remember also that a long tail keyword phrase may be more valuable to you. For example if you had a B&B in Woodstock, Vermont you would want the blog title tag to be B & B Woodstock VT not B & B. The title tag needs to also relate to the blog post so if your post is about things to do that weekend in Woodstock, Vermont and you ended the post with an offer to reserve a room at your B & B then the blog post does relate nicely to both Woodstock, Vermont, staying in Woodstock and therefore to B & Bs in Woodstock, Vermont.

One last note is that you do not want to make your title tag too long. This can work against you. Limit your title tag to less than 70 characters.

Blog Title Tag – Get It Right

When writing your blog posts use all the advantages that you can and this means to use the blog title tag in an optimized way. Use a long tail keyword phrase in the title tag and one that is closely related to the blog content and limit it to a maximum of 70 characters.