April 15, 2024

Real Estate Blogging

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Community Engagement – Community News

Here is a great blog topic concept if you are a real estate agent that blogs. Consider creating a blog post each month that you can call “Your Favorite Community Story”. This could be anything.


It could be:

  • An interview-based story
  • A fact-finding story
  • A sports story
  • A spotlight on a local business story
  • A community event story

People love stories and this is a way to engage them. You will be able to find partners within your community to help you with your story. You may be able to add controversy to your blog post by asking some thought-provoking questions at the end of the post or expressing your point or view or opinion.

The concept is only limited by your creativity.

If you are a real estate blogger and in tune with your community then this will play to your strength and only make you stronger. It will add value to your blog and demonstrate again how you are an expert on your community. It might also create some great in-coming links for your further enhance the business value of your blog.

Real Estate Blogging

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Have fun with your real estate blog.