February 26, 2020
22 Feb

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy and Content MarketingDigital Literacy

It’s Vital for Business Success

Every business needs to learn how to react to external conditions.

Everyone in a business needs to be functionally literate and today this mean digitally literate. You have to understand the basic concepts and know what’s going on, why it’s important, what to do about, what’s expected, and so on. 

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07 Jan

Search Positioning in 2016

Search Positioning in 2016

Ten Things You Must Do

10 Must Do Items to Improve Search Position in 2016

Here are 10 very important search engine positioning factors that you must ensure are done properly for 2016. Search algorithms are always being improved and now the emphasis is significantly on showing search results based on a pleasing and helpful user experience.

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01 Dec

A Thankful Note

A Thankful Note

(and) Saying Goodbye

This past weekend we celebrated our wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. I had a very important lesson emphasized for me.

Lit'l Teen - Always Appreciative


The lesson is to always think about being thankful and to appreciate all that we have. Such was the attitude of my little friend who came to her untimely death on Thanksgiving morning. She was always thankful – always appreciative.

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19 Nov

The Importance of Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate

A Powerful Way to Conceptualize The Importance of Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate


Bounce rate is something that I pay a great deal of attention to. However, I try (often too hard) to get my clients to pay attention to this important measurement.

Search traffic is important. Someone is searching for you and they find you. Once they find you then you want them to stay on your website. It is essentially a total failure if your site is presented in search and people who visit “bounce away”.

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04 Nov

Blogging as an Authority

Blogging as an Authority

Work to Create Movement for your Content


The assumption of this blog post is that you, the reader, are an authority in your niche. To be a successful blogger you do need to have enough background knowledge and expertise that you can create interesting, valuable and delightful content – again, with a focus on your niche.




If you cannot create valuable content then don’t even get into the race. You will only have a chance with poor content if there is a void of content within the niche-focus area. But even if there is a void of content in your niche you cannot present yourself as an authority with poor content. Therefore, great content is a given. The real point I am making is that if there is an abundance of high-quality content in your niche then it is difficult to get exposure and the real task is then to create movement for your content.

You produce great content now you are ready for the race.

What do you do? The race is to gain exposure for your content.

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08 Oct

Five Ways to Improve Your Position in Search

Five SEO Solutions

Don’t Be Grim – Solve The Problem

Google and the other major search engines want to provide the best user (searcher) experience they can achieve. They depend on us (website owners) to create a valuable and excellent user experience. If we don’t the search engines respond by presenting our site lower down in the search results. This may be grim but you can solve the problem. Don’t let your website be escorted to the website graveyard by the Grim SEO Reaper.

5 SEO Solutions - The SEO Grim Reaper



Here’s what you can do.

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07 Oct

Maximize The Impact of Your Content

Content Marketing – Maximum Impact

Maximize Your Content Marketing Potential

Content Marketing - Maximize Impac

These are my four steps for creating maximum impact for your message:


​1. Creation

My blog is the heart of my content. I construct up ideas there. It is a place I can send people to so that they can benefit and then share. My posts are the foundation for all my other content. My blog is central to my content marketing strategy.


2. ​Syndication

Look for ways to publish your blog content in a variety of other formats and channels. You can change popular posts into podcasts, videos, or magazine articles. Be true to your core message and ideas. Change the format and extend your reach. Develop a distribution strategy that makes sense for you and your business.


3. Repurpose

Your best blog content can be reused, expanded and combined. Consider books, webinars, courses, and even membership content. Always refine, enhance, and expand. This can be a path to monetization.


4. Participation

Delightful content creates community. People want to share and talk about what they have read, heard, or seen. Moreover, they want to engage with the content creator – that can be cool! Use social media to engage communities that can benefit from your content. Don’t be that “sale person” who is always promoting something – look for ways to add genuine value. You need to have an engagement strategy.


If you spend the time to create delightful content (step #1) then spend time on steps 2-4 to create more impact for your content. Engagement with others is rewarding and fun!

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