June 20, 2024

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Can Google See

Can Google SeeCan Google See?

Machine Learning and Search Results

Computer learning or as some may also refer to it as – machine learning – is a fascinating topic. Beyond it being fascinating, be aware that the machines are learning fast. This “learning” capability is also being applied to search algorithms and this is good for searchers as it means we, as searchers, will get better results when we perform a search.

The “machine learning” occurs in two ways:

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SEO – Using Image Sitemaps

Maximize the SEO Leverage of Your Image Content

Create and Submit an Image Sitemap

Using Image XML Sitemaps

Google maintains a large image search index. Moreover, it is always interested in discovering more great image content. If your site is rich in images, especially original content, your goal is to get as many of your images indexed as possible. This helps search position. You therefore, need to create an image sitemap.

Moreover, you can increase the SEO value of your image content by submitting an XML Image Sitemap to the major search engines. This prompts them to visit your site, find your images and index them. This boosts the SEO value of your image content.

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Six Tips on How to Make Your Images Search Friendly

Six Tips on How to Make Your Images Search Friendly

If you are in a competitive online market then it makes sense to optimize your images for search performance. This will help your site or blog in search in general but may also provide traffic if your images are being searched for by people.

To maximize your search competitiveness use some or all of these tips.

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