July 17, 2024

Blogging as an Authority

Blogging as an Authority

Work to Create Movement for your Content


The assumption of this blog post is that you, the reader, are an authority in your niche. To be a successful blogger you do need to have enough background knowledge and expertise that you can create interesting, valuable and delightful content – again, with a focus on your niche.




If you cannot create valuable content then don’t even get into the race. You will only have a chance with poor content if there is a void of content within the niche-focus area. But even if there is a void of content in your niche you cannot present yourself as an authority with poor content. Therefore, great content is a given. The real point I am making is that if there is an abundance of high-quality content in your niche then it is difficult to get exposure and the real task is then to create movement for your content.

You produce great content now you are ready for the race.

What do you do? The race is to gain exposure for your content.

Focus on the following:

  • Brand Development
  • Audience Benefits and Enhancements
  • Distribution and SEO
  • Authority
  • Shareability
  • Social Proof

Let’s examine each one.


Brand and Brand Development


You need to establish your brand. You need to define your persona. Who do you want to be? This will help you to focus on who you are and how you will relate to your audience.


To develop your persona is important. Will you be funny and entertaining or serious and academic? Do you want your audience to think that they can ask questions to you directly? Do you want to ask your audience for help from time to time? Your persona and how you will relate to your audience is an important part of your authority marketing.


Audience Benefits


Think about the problems of your target audience. What questions do they have? How can you appeal to your audience with solutions where the benefits of reading and sharing are clear? Moreover, think about how your audience can benefit by sharing your content (more on sharing later).


Distribution and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


The distribution of your content needs to be a priority. This can include the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your content but it should go further. Where does your audience hang out? Are they on facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? You need to know and then have a distribution plan that uses the social media marketing platforms that your audience uses.


Moreover, who are the influencers on the specific social media marketing platforms. Get to know them. Follow them. Select some and engage them. Some may be perfect to collaborate with. All good bloggers understand the need and benefits of collaboration and if you help them then they will help you. Also, in general, people want to help but ask for help prudently.




Are you a thought leader? Do you provide special insights? Is your writing style authoritative?


People like to read and work with authorities. Establish the topics where you have special expertise and passion. To specialize enables you to display your authority and both your authority and passion needs to be focused. Don’t try to be all things to all things to all people.




Why do people share? You need to give this significant thought. Why do you share something?


Here is the bad news – people, in general, do not want to share your content. The vast majority of content consumers are not sharing what they consume.


However, if you understand why people share you have an advantage over the content creation competitors in your niche.


Here are some key reasons people share based on a New York Times study.


  • People share to provide value. This was the #1 reason. Therefore, if your content is not valuable then the chance of it being shared will be very low (perhaps zero).
  • The #2 reason – the study reported – is to define themselves. If people share something that is valuable then they are more valuable. If a person shares something funny then they become funnier. Sharing helps to define the person doing the sharing.
  • Sharing increases the strength of connections. This makes sense as if you share something it means you are thinking about who you want to share with and the owner of the materials that you are sharing. To share helps connections both ways.
  • People share to be more involved. Again, this makes sense as to share something you have to have given the item, the author and the recipients more thought – you have to be more involved!
  • People share when they feel connected to the author. Build relationships with others and in particular some influencers to help with the broadcasting of your content.

Social Proof


Do people make your content their favorite or like your content? Do people retweet it?


With social media the more people interact with your content the more social proof your content has. Do things that encourage these interactions.




  • Your content needs to be special and valuable just to enter the race.
  • The creation of content is not very valuable unless your content moves (is shared) on the web.
  • You need to do SEO to help it to be found but you also need to do all you can to get it broadcast by others.


Great Content Marketing - Blogging as an Authority


You may be in the race with your delightful content but in most cases you have competitors and to out-perform your competition you need to focus o

  • Brand Development
  • Audience Benefits and Enhancements
  • Distribution and SEO
  • Authority
  • Shareability
  • Social Proof