June 24, 2021
02 Jul

Content Marketing – Provide Value

Content Marketing

Always Provide Value

Passion and a skill for words are only two components of outstanding content. You could be the best copywriter on the planet but gain very few followers if your content doesn’t provide one thing to your audience: value. Your content must provide value!

Readers are drawn to content that benefits them. Luckily, there are many ways to provide value—it’s just a matter of identifying the benefits your audience wants, and then catering to those needs.

Content Marketing Value-Opportunity Diagram

Content Marketing - Always Add Value
For example . . .

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02 Jun

Generating Engagement

Generating Engagement


Engaging Your AudienceDo you struggle trying to generate leads with social media?


Here are three – often overlooked – ways to progress relationships for more and better business. Do these three things to help move your business forward. Start online and leverage your knowledge and willingness to share to create both customers and collaborators.

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02 Jun

Public Speaking

Public Speaking - Communicate with ConfidencePublic Speaking – Communicate with Confidence

Five Ideas to Help Your Public Speaking

Here are some hands-on tactics you can use to overcome nervousness and to look more poised and confident in front of your audience.

Is this your your starting point . . .

Do you have these thoughts when you are preparing for a public speaking engagement?

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26 May

Best Practice Retweeting (and why it matters)

The Art of the Retweet (and yet another reason why retweets matter)


Best Practice Retweeting


There’s a new agreement between Google and Twitter that will lead to tweets showing up in search results. Google has been able to access Twitter data for indexing tweets before, but their contract expired in mid 2011. Since then, there’s been no official agreement between the two parties.

Learn My 10 Best Tips To Have Your Tweet Retweeted

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12 May

10 Must Know Image Optimization Tips

Image Optimization - 10 Tips10 Must Know Image Optimization Tips


If you have a website and want to achieve the best possible position in search and help your conversion rate with your human visitors then your need to optimize your images.


Image optimization is an important part of the success of your online business.

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04 May

Promoted Posts on facebook – Be Careful!

Facebook vs YouTube - Facebook Promoted Posts - Be CarefulPromoted Posts on facebook – Be Careful!


Be careful promoting posts (advertising) on facebook. To provide you with my insights on this let’s compare YouTube (a Google social media website which does is right) to facebook. YouTube is set up nicely for creators, viewers and advertisers. Moreover, on YouTube creators can be paid for every view of their content.


On facebook it’s the opposite – creators have to pay for views.

Let’s examine this.

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01 May

Is Facebook Bad for Business?

Is facebook bad for business?Is Facebook Bad for Business?


If you use facebook to marketing your business be careful. It may be a way to gain some exposure, however, you need to define your objectives and measure performance to these objectives to determine the business value of your facebook marketing.

Be careful, watchful and wary of how you market on facebook.

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26 Apr

Six Tips on How to Make Your Images Search Friendly

Six Tips on How to Make Your Images Search Friendly

If you are in a competitive online market then it makes sense to optimize your images for search performance. This will help your site or blog in search in general but may also provide traffic if your images are being searched for by people.

To maximize your search competitiveness use some or all of these tips.

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23 Apr

Is Your B&B Internet Marketing Maximized?

Is Your B&B Internet Marketing Maximized?

B & B MarketingWhat are the key factors?


The Internet is where the action is. Everyone uses it for research about where to go where to stay and what to do. Internet marketing has to be the focus of a B&B’s marketing.


It is important to define what make your B&B different. What makes you special? What makes you unique?


Are you a boutique hotel? Are you a charming and quaint historic B&B? Are you the lowest cost lodging in the area? Do you offer a breakfast buffet that’s the best in town? Do you have that signature breakfast that guests will talk about when they talk about your B&B? Do you offer ergonomic pillows? What do you do that is special and different and even unique?

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21 Apr

The Expansion of the Internet

The Expansion of the Internet

It is already huge and getting bigger all the time.

The Internet is a big place and it is getting bigger – an expanding universe of content. It is vast and has tools, information and entertainment for any taste or fancy. The Internet also allows us to connect and engage with others in our various communities. For example, let’s say we are very fond of donuts and want to connect with other dedicated fans of donuts.

The Internet offers the following ways to connect (just to name a few):

  • Your Blog: I am a (self-proclaimed) authority on donuts
  • Twitter: I’m eating a #donut
  • Facebook: I like donuts
  • Flicker: Over 1 billion photos of donuts
  • Foursquare: This is where I eat donuts
  • YouTube: Here is my cat eating a donut
  • LinkedIn: I am good a eating donuts
  • Pinterest: Here is a recipe for my favorite donut
  • G+: I work for Google and eat donuts

OK – a bit of humor but let’s now look at two significant factors that are going to make the Internet even more valuable and more sweeping.

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