May 27, 2024

A Thankful Note

A Thankful Note

(and) Saying Goodbye

This past weekend we celebrated our wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. I had a very important lesson emphasized for me.

Lit'l Teen - Always Appreciative


The lesson is to always think about being thankful and to appreciate all that we have. Such was the attitude of my little friend who came to her untimely death on Thanksgiving morning. She was always thankful – always appreciative.

On Thanksgiving morning I wanted to take my two little pups out for a nice walk. They love being outside and Vermont is always so nice and beautiful and the air fresh and clean.

I decided to go to a waterfall area that I had never been to before. My little pups were up for it. When we arrived at the area they were excited as they always are and jumped out of the car ready for a nice adventure. We could hear the roar of the waterfall well before we reached it. I looked over the area – happy that I had decided this location.  As I was looking over this beautiful scene, my little one slipped over the edge of the cliff and fell down into the waterfall. I scrambled down the cliff so quickly that I reached the place where she had gone under the water within a few seconds. She never surfaced – there was no sign of her – I never found my little pup.

This was a sad event but also one that emphasizes an important message. The story of her life was a story of appreciation. She appreciated everything – that’s a great way to be. We need to always be mindful and to be appreciative. My little one did not celebrate appreciation on any particular day but rather was appreciative every day and all the time. We can do this too!

Make appreciation part of your daily work. Call up a friend to express your appreciation. Say thank you more often. Think of someone who did something special that you can recognize and make the effort to show your appreciation. You will be better off for it and so will everyone you touch.

It is hard for me to say goodbye to my little darling but she helped me to be more thankful and appreciative. This is very big and important. We can all do something important by showing our appreciation and being thankful.