October 1, 2022

Maximize The Impact of Your Content

Content Marketing – Maximum Impact

Maximize Your Content Marketing Potential

Content Marketing - Maximize Impac

These are my four steps for creating maximum impact for your message:


​1. Creation

My blog is the heart of my content. I construct up ideas there. It is a place I can send people to so that they can benefit and then share. My posts are the foundation for all my other content. My blog is central to my content marketing strategy.


2. ​Syndication

Look for ways to publish your blog content in a variety of other formats and channels. You can change popular posts into podcasts, videos, or magazine articles. Be true to your core message and ideas. Change the format and extend your reach. Develop a distribution strategy that makes sense for you and your business.


3. Repurpose

Your best blog content can be reused, expanded and combined. Consider books, webinars, courses, and even membership content. Always refine, enhance, and expand. This can be a path to monetization.


4. Participation

Delightful content creates community. People want to share and talk about what they have read, heard, or seen. Moreover, they want to engage with the content creator – that can be cool! Use social media to engage communities that can benefit from your content. Don’t be that “sale person” who is always promoting something – look for ways to add genuine value. You need to have an engagement strategy.


If you spend the time to create delightful content (step #1) then spend time on steps 2-4 to create more impact for your content. Engagement with others is rewarding and fun!

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Blog Topic Tags and SEO

Blog Topic Tags and SEO

How to Effectively Use Blog Topic Tags

The short answer is to not to use too many blog topic tags for any given blog post and to have them focused on the blog post topic. The full answer allows you to really boost up the SEO value of your posts and to help engage your readers and to keep them on your site longer.


Blog Topic Tags and SEO - Effective Use of Blogging Tags


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Responsive Website Design

Reasons for a Responsive Website Design

It’s All About The User Experience

Responsive Web Design is very important for today’s website visitor. A website has to provide a good user experience or it’s game over. Why would you want a website that frustrates certain visitors to your website?

Responsive Website Design - Enhance The User Experience

Smartphone and tablet use is now more popular than desktops computers to visit websites and therefore it is essential to have a mobile-friendly website to support the user experience.

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LinkedIn and Public Speaking

LinkedIn and Public SpeakingHow to Use LinkedIn to Become a More Impactful Speaker

If you want to have impact at a speaking event then you need to do two things:

Present in a way that is exciting and engaging

Present significantly insightful information that most (80% +) of your audience does not know.


Let’s be clear. One of the fastest ways to have an audience tune out is to present material that they already know.

The key is to understand your audience and this is where LinkedIn can help.

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Twitter Tips for More Followers

Twitter Tips

Twitter Tips Twitter is a valuable social media platform and provides me with a good and steady flow of insights and advice. Besides the value of the information Twitter provides it represents opportunities for companies and business professionals to grow their audiences and increase traffic to their center of content.


How do you increase your Twitter audience is one of the key questions many people who want to use Twitter often ask. Here are some Twitter Tips and ideas.

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Project Success and Communication

Team CommunicationProject Success and Communication


What determines the success of any project is significantly related to communication.


Good or great individual contributions to a project can add up to very little if there is not proper coordination and integration (which again relates to communication).


Seriously -it’s all about communication.


Let’s explore this.

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Marketing Flexibility

A New Marketing Model for our Age

Marketing Needs to be Flexible

Today, you cannot pick a marketing strategy that is going to last five or 10 years. You need a marketing approach that is fluid and flexible. You need to pay attention to all the various new ways to engage your audience.


Your marketing model needs to be more like the season and game model used by American Football Teams.

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Content Marketing – Optimize Everything!

Content Marketing

Content Optimization

By now it should go without saying that you need to optimize all your Web content. However, don’t make the mistake of optimizing your site merely for the search engines. Look at optimization from multiple perspectives.

While optimizing for the search engines (SEO) is an important factor of optimization, if you aren’t taking into account the actual users, your efforts could be wasted. As you optimize your content, make sure it is also user-friendly.

Content Marketing - Content Optimization




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