May 27, 2024

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LinkedIn and Public Speaking

LinkedIn and Public SpeakingHow to Use LinkedIn to Become a More Impactful Speaker

If you want to have impact at a speaking event then you need to do two things:

Present in a way that is exciting and engaging

Present significantly insightful information that most (80% +) of your audience does not know.


Let’s be clear. One of the fastest ways to have an audience tune out is to present material that they already know.

The key is to understand your audience and this is where LinkedIn can help.

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Leveraging LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn - Profiles, Connections and NewsLeveraging LinkedIn – Profile, Connections, and News


There are many things that you can do using LinkedIn to build more and better relationships.

We also know that doing more and better business is all about relationships.


Here are five tips for leveraging LinkedIn and a Prezi that further expands on how to leverage LinkedIn. The Prezi has a very well done, high-energy and fun video on LinkedIn.

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Blogging and Social Media

Blogging and Social Media

Plus 5 Blogging and Social Media Marketing Tips

Blogging and Social MediaSocial Media is not new, so don’t treat it as something special and different. Being social online just helps you to reach more people more easily. The tools are different and you may need to do some research to find the ones that you like to use.

To know what’s available and to become skillful at using a particular tool is part of being a social human in this new age. Also, it good for business!

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Ten LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn Tips – Details Matter

Using LinkedIn Wisely

Ten LinkedIn TipsDon’t just use LinkedIn to collect connections. Make it a successful business building tool!

LinkedIn, today, is much more than a site for job seekers and HR departments looking for employees. It is also much more than a place to store your connections. As a business professional you can make worth while and fruitful business-enhancing connections on LinkedIn.


Here are Ten LinkedIn Tips to help you get more out of your LinkedIn account.

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