April 15, 2024

Blogging and Social Media

Blogging and Social Media

Plus 5 Blogging and Social Media Marketing Tips

Blogging and Social MediaSocial Media is not new, so don’t treat it as something special and different. Being social online just helps you to reach more people more easily. The tools are different and you may need to do some research to find the ones that you like to use.

To know what’s available and to become skillful at using a particular tool is part of being a social human in this new age. Also, it good for business!

Keep in mind that if you have difficulty connecting with people in general then you need to work on developing your people skills or your soft skills.

The challenges that exist between people still exist online. Being good at networking and engaging with people will translate online. If you are not very good then this will also translate to the online environment.

Remember that no one owes you anything. Be sure to be approachable, kind, generous, useful and fun. These human traits go a long way towards making people want to connect with you.

Finally, don’t worry too much about the people who don’t get you. If you have confidence that you are a likable person and that you can add value with your blog information and insights then focus on the people that you do connect with. This will make your blogging more rewarding for both you and your readers.

Here are five tips to help you with your blogging through social media:

1. Develop a Blogging Plan

Establish Goals . . . for example:

  • I will post 4 times each month.
  • I will start 20 conversations within my online networks each month.
  • I will convert 5 conversations into deeper connections each month.
  • I will earn five referrals each month.

Once you have defined some meaningful goals then determine some activities to achieve them. Make adjustments as you refine your approach and be willing to experiment.

2. Practice the Art of Conversation

Let’s say you were told you had to attend a 1 hour professional networking event where you did not know anyone. Next, your given a goal to establish 3 worthy follow-up meetings by the end of the hour.

Could you do that?

Your business depends on your ability to converse and connect with people. You need to develop and then to practice these skills. To be able to connect with people will be key to your success in a face-to-face business networking environment and fundamental to your success online.

Use your blog to demonstrate that you have something to offer but then take it further by using your posts to start conversations and to engage people.

3. Consume the Delightful Content of Others

Set aside time to read content from other bloggers. Gain inspiration from them. Take this further and ask questions when you read something that you like. Asking a question is a great way to start a conversation and a nice way to start the process of creating a relationship.

In addition, if you find something useful, interesting or entertaining then share it. A big part of being successful online in a social space is to share. If you share then others will tend to return the favor. Add your “take” or your insights on the items you share.

When you planning your posts think about ways to make them easier and share-worthy.

4. Provide Value

Look for opportunities to add value to every relationship you develop. This works offline or online.

This is a high leverage activity.

How do you create leverage? Be the first person in the relationship to provide value. Share something you have posted. . . share something they have posted . . . send them an email or comment in an effort to add value or spread goodwill . . . invite them to something . . .

If you focus on adding value then value for both parties should grow and grow.

5. Post On LinkedIn

Publish your blog posts on LinkedIn (you may need to gain a publishing approval from LinkedIn first). This is a way to get conversations started. Consider sharing the content of others on LinkedIn. When you share content and engage you can also move up in the LinkedIn search results creating more exposure for you. Remember that with greater exposure comes greater responsibility – you need to create content that delights.