June 20, 2024

Leveraging LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn - Profiles, Connections and NewsLeveraging LinkedIn – Profile, Connections, and News


There are many things that you can do using LinkedIn to build more and better relationships.

We also know that doing more and better business is all about relationships.


Here are five tips for leveraging LinkedIn and a Prezi that further expands on how to leverage LinkedIn. The Prezi has a very well done, high-energy and fun video on LinkedIn.


Tip #1


Write down 3 big business results you want to achieve this year. Next, list the people who can help you achieve these results. Do you already know people who can help you well enough so that you can call on them to help? Think of ways you can learn about their objectives for the year and how you can help them.


Helping others is the key to building strong relationships.


Tip #2


For the 1st Tier connections that you already have on LinkedIn look for ways to recognize them. Endorse them, recommend them, and congratulate them for something they have accomplished.


LinkedIn will help you to be aware of things going on within your contact sphere and it is up to you to recognize and support the people in your contact sphere.


Tip #3


Use personal invitations when you ask someone to connect with you. Do not use the standard text from LinkedIn. It is impersonal (and perhaps lazy) and remember you want to develop a personal relationship so make your request personal.


Tip #4


Leveraging LinkedIn - LinkedIn Profile StrengthSet up a proper profile. Your LinkedIn profile is critical to positioning yourself on LinkedIn. When I scan LinkedIn looking at the profiles of people I see many (I estimate as many as 75%) are not well done. One of the main reasons to use the LinkedIn platform is to enhance your personal brand or to become an authority and “influencer”.

People want to do business with experts and your personal profile needs to project your expertise. You need to have your profile at All-Star status.


Tip #5


Give before you take. Focus on what you can provide. Focus on helping other people achieve their goals and objectives. In any networking situation it should be all about them not you.


Too many people feel that networking is simply a numbers game. If you try to network with anyone and everyone then you may miss a key opportunity. Learn about the other person and figure out how you can contribute to them. If you treat LinkedIn only as a numbers game you will miss opportunities to build depth in your relationships.


The Prezi below will give you more insights into setting up your profile, making connections and learning from LinkedIn News sources.


If you want to learn more about LinkedIn then feel free to call me (802-457-9799). I will be happy to give you some tips and advice