May 28, 2024

Blog Improvement Ideas

Blogging Improvement IdeasBlog Improvement Ideas 

10 Easy To Implement Concepts

Here are 10 great ideas that you can use to improve your blog. Each of these blog improvement ideas can help your blog and I recommend using as many of them as you can.

1. Make Your Blog Graphically Pleasing and Mesh With Your Website Graphics

Use a well designed graphically pleasing blog theme. There are some great themes that with a bit of extra work can be customized to match your branding. The key message is to do what it takes to have a look that is delightful and that properly matches your branding.

Here is a link to the design studio of WSI Global Reach. This website and blog design studio is full of great theme and each one can be customized.

WordPress WSI Global Reach Website and Blog Design Studio


2. Link to Your Other Posts and Pages

Blog Post to Post Linking and Blog Post to Page linking is good for your Link Network (Blog SEO and Website SEO) and makes it easier for your readers to get to other relevant materials.

It is always a good more to cross link to your other relevant content marketing materials.


3. Use at Least One Interesting Graphic in Each Post

Spend a bit if time to create a graphic that meshes with the message of your blog post. It is worth the time and attention. It makes your blog more attractive and interesting and your readers will enjoy the added impact of a well thought out graphic.

If you’re someone who can produce graphics, take photos, illustrate or even just create funny doodles in MS Paint, you should leverage that talent on your blog.

It also adds to the search engine optimization of your blog post.


4. Search Engine Optimize Each Post

Set up the Title Tag, Description Tag and Meta tags for each post. I also optimize the image file names and alt text. I work to get a respectable keyword phrase density but I do not obsess over this. I also try to work important phrases into the H1 and H2 tags. If you make it easier for the search engines to find your post then you will be rewarded with more blog traffic.

5. Put a Link to Your Blog in Your E-Mail Signature

This is so simple to do – just do it!

E-Mail Signature - Gary Horsman

Here is my e-mail signature.

I know that this is a bit bold but it gets results!

It is a button that’s hard to miss.   





6. Every Now and Then Survey Your Readers

This is a nice engagement tool. People often will be very interested in taking the survey if the survey results are then displayed to them once they take the survey.

You will also be able to gain special marketing insights as well if you create an engaging marketing survey.

WordPress has some handy plug-ins that are easy to use for polls and surveys.

7. Install Analytics and Use It

Use analytics to see which posts are the most popular. Use this information to give your readers more of what they like.

Also, track what matters. If you want readers to click on a link then track this. If you want them to order a product or download something then track this.

You need to measure what you want to manage. Use analytics to measure the performance of your blog posts.

8. Publish “The Best Of” Lists with Your Reviews

People love the “Best Of . . .” Lists and you will have fun doing the research. You will gain some great information by doing this research and become more of an expert in the process.

This can also help your search performance results.

9. Anywhere You Have a Profile Set Up a Link to Your Blog

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Bio Pages
  • Pinterest

These websites and the associated profile links can help your search performance and also generate traffic in and of themselves.

10. Be Consistent & Don’t Give Up – Get Better!

Many people that start blogging give up too early. They make statement such as I tried blogging for a couple of months and nothing happened so I stopped. They may not have waited long enough and may not have blogged well enough to see good results. Don’t give up – get better! 

Write more. Search Engine Optimize your Blog, Include great graphics and conduct research and write on what people are interested in. Conduct keyword research on your blog topics to help you to understand what to write about. 

Think of Ways to Engage 

Always think about how you can engage your audience. I discussed surveys or polls above but you can give something away as a free download. Make people aware of the content on your Free Articles page (if you have one). If you offer a demo then blog about this. Run a contest or an event. Set up some worthy video content. Ask for feedback or ask your readers what they would like to see. This can be a poll as well. 

Happy Blogging!