June 20, 2024

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Twitter Series

A Twitter Series

How To Use A Twitter Series to Gain Exposure

The objective of a Twitter Series is to help your content gain exposure. If you create worthy content, then you have to do all you can to gain exposure for this content.

Twitter Series - Gain Exposure, Build Your Follower Base and Curry Favor with Collaborators

A Twitter Series is one way to help give your content an exposure boost. To create and run a series can also help you to see what others are doing on the same topic. The creation process also gives you an opportunity to promote the work of others and to establish and deepen relationships.

Let’s break down the steps to creating and implementing a Twitter Series.

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Twitter Hashtag Advice

Twitter Hashtag Advice

If You Do Any of This then Clean Up Your Act!

Twitter Hashtag Advice - Twitter Tips Dos and Don'ts

I see many a tweet that does not make much sense or that tries to do too much. Moreover, I see too many that are annoying. I wonder where the people that publish these annoying tweets get their advice. Here are some things to avoid and some best practice advice.

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Twitter Tips for More Followers

Twitter Tips

Twitter Tips Twitter is a valuable social media platform and provides me with a good and steady flow of insights and advice. Besides the value of the information Twitter provides it represents opportunities for companies and business professionals to grow their audiences and increase traffic to their center of content.


How do you increase your Twitter audience is one of the key questions many people who want to use Twitter often ask. Here are some Twitter Tips and ideas.

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Promoted Posts on facebook – Be Careful!

Facebook vs YouTube - Facebook Promoted Posts - Be CarefulPromoted Posts on facebook – Be Careful!


Be careful promoting posts (advertising) on facebook. To provide you with my insights on this let’s compare YouTube (a Google social media website which does is right) to facebook. YouTube is set up nicely for creators, viewers and advertisers. Moreover, on YouTube creators can be paid for every view of their content.


On facebook it’s the opposite – creators have to pay for views.

Let’s examine this.

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Market Norms versus Social Norms

Market Norms versus Social Norms

Dear Mom,


Thank you for having us over for dinner Sunday afternoon. The meal was fantastic and your storytelling about the days when nonnie (Italian for grandmother) cooked big Sunday meals when everyone came over was entertaining.


Enclosed is a check for $250 dollars as compensation for the wonderful afternoon.


Your loving son,


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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – It Starts with a Plan

Social Media Marketing - It Starts with a Plan

Here is a blog post for everyone at the EVA (and others too!). It is on social media marketing and was presented at the EVA Lunch & Learn on March 25th. The Prezi (a presentation), at the bottom of this post, is the Prezi used at the EVA Lunch & Learn and here is a summary of what is in the Prezi.

Do some up front research . . .

  • Know your audience
  • Know what you want to be to your audience
  • Determine what your audience wants
  • Determine what your audience needs
  • Understand where they spend their time (facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest . . .)
  • Know what problems your audience is trying to solve
  • Define how you can (will) add value

Define your plan . . .

  • Define specific goals and objectives
  • Determine your measurement system
  • Define goals that push you but that are attainable
  • Make sure your goals are time bound

Your strategies must be connected with your business objectives and resources.

Social Media Marketing is a new marketing model.

This new model requires you to learn how to:

  • Interact
  • Share
  • Add Value (delight!)
  • Engage

It is important to build up a body of delightful and high-value content in your center of content (your website and blog).

You need to do the work to gain views, likes, shares and to start conversations.

There are 2 delightful (of course!) and insightful (yeah!) videos in this Prizi.


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Your Shareable Content

Content SharingYour Shareable Content


You may spend time creating delightful content but do you help to make your content shareable? Delightful content is valuable. However, if your content is shared by others it becomes even more valuable. When shared it helps to spread the word about you, your business and your value.


Whether a tweet, a blog post, a video or a status update, everyone wants their content to engage with their audience.

For organizations and pros, that engagement has very practical value.


Here are some points for you to consider to help you to get your content shared.

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5 Ways to Boost Your Social Lead Generation

Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingMany of us are caught up in the social media buzz and we are told by the social media marketing experts that we need to be at this party. However, what does it mean “to be there”. What do we do once we are there? How do we measure if what we do is working?

It is like being invited to a party and then not knowing any of the details. Should you bring something? What should you wear? When should you arrive? Can you bring a friend?

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Content Marketing & Social Media

Content Marketing & Social MediaPrediction is very difficult, especially about the future. ~ Niels Bohr

Content Marketing & Social Media

With so many social networking sites out there, and what seems like a newcomer appearing every other week, you could say that business owners and marketers have more tools than ever at their disposal for spreading awareness about their products and brands. This, unfortunately, can be a double-edged sword.

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Top Ten Social Media Marketing Questions

Top Ten Social Media Marketing Questions - Answered by Jason RobieTop Ten Social Media Marketing Questions

Answered by Social Media Marketing Expert Jason Robie

Jason Robie is President of Ridgeview Technology which is a search engine marketing and social media marketing company located in New Hampshire. He teaches programs and consults with companies on social media and helps the clients of Ridgeview Technology gain exposure using a combination of social media and search engine optimization.

Jason will answer some of the most critical questions that companies have related to social media marketing.

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