June 20, 2024

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – It Starts with a Plan

Social Media Marketing - It Starts with a Plan

Here is a blog post for everyone at the EVA (and others too!). It is on social media marketing and was presented at the EVA Lunch & Learn on March 25th. The Prezi (a presentation), at the bottom of this post, is the Prezi used at the EVA Lunch & Learn and here is a summary of what is in the Prezi.

Do some up front research . . .

  • Know your audience
  • Know what you want to be to your audience
  • Determine what your audience wants
  • Determine what your audience needs
  • Understand where they spend their time (facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest . . .)
  • Know what problems your audience is trying to solve
  • Define how you can (will) add value

Define your plan . . .

  • Define specific goals and objectives
  • Determine your measurement system
  • Define goals that push you but that are attainable
  • Make sure your goals are time bound

Your strategies must be connected with your business objectives and resources.

Social Media Marketing is a new marketing model.

This new model requires you to learn how to:

  • Interact
  • Share
  • Add Value (delight!)
  • Engage

It is important to build up a body of delightful and high-value content in your center of content (your website and blog).

You need to do the work to gain views, likes, shares and to start conversations.

There are 2 delightful (of course!) and insightful (yeah!) videos in this Prizi.