May 27, 2024

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Twitter Series

A Twitter Series

How To Use A Twitter Series to Gain Exposure

The objective of a Twitter Series is to help your content gain exposure. If you create worthy content, then you have to do all you can to gain exposure for this content.

Twitter Series - Gain Exposure, Build Your Follower Base and Curry Favor with Collaborators

A Twitter Series is one way to help give your content an exposure boost. To create and run a series can also help you to see what others are doing on the same topic. The creation process also gives you an opportunity to promote the work of others and to establish and deepen relationships.

Let’s break down the steps to creating and implementing a Twitter Series.

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Best Practice Retweeting (and why it matters)

The Art of the Retweet (and yet another reason why retweets matter)


Best Practice Retweeting


There’s a new agreement between Google and Twitter that will lead to tweets showing up in search results. Google has been able to access Twitter data for indexing tweets before, but their contract expired in mid 2011. Since then, there’s been no official agreement between the two parties.

Learn My 10 Best Tips To Have Your Tweet Retweeted

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Sharing and Content Marketing

Your Shareable Content

You spend time creating your content but do you help to make your content shareable? Delightful and shareable content is valuable to you and valuable to the people who are exposed to it – after all it is delightful! Your content needs to connect with your audience to be shared. When shared it spreads the word about you, your business and your content.

Content Marketing and Sharing

Whether a tweet, a blog post a video or a status update, everyone wants their content to engage with their audience. For organizations and professionals, that engagement has important and practical value.

Here are some points to consider to help you get your content shared.

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