October 21, 2021

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04 Mar

Video SEO

Video SEO - Some Essential TipsVideo SEO Guide: SEO Best Practices

Video SEO


Video is becoming a major part of online content. Video content can certainly help to increase the depth and variety of your center of content. The search engines love additional depth and variety so video content helps your site and blog to rank higher.

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04 May

Promoted Posts on facebook – Be Careful!

Facebook vs YouTube - Facebook Promoted Posts - Be CarefulPromoted Posts on facebook – Be Careful!


Be careful promoting posts (advertising) on facebook. To provide you with my insights on this let’s compare YouTube (a Google social media website which does is right) to facebook. YouTube is set up nicely for creators, viewers and advertisers. Moreover, on YouTube creators can be paid for every view of their content.


On facebook it’s the opposite – creators have to pay for views.

Let’s examine this.

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