June 20, 2024

Twitter Hashtag Advice

Twitter Hashtag Advice

If You Do Any of This then Clean Up Your Act!

Twitter Hashtag Advice - Twitter Tips Dos and Don'ts

I see many a tweet that does not make much sense or that tries to do too much. Moreover, I see too many that are annoying. I wonder where the people that publish these annoying tweets get their advice. Here are some things to avoid and some best practice advice.

Don’t: Use as many hashtags as you can in your tweets. This is annoying and not good advice.

Best Practice: Use one or two hashtags (at the most 3) and make sure that they relate to your tweet and your ideal audience.

Don’t: Use a super specific hashtag. For example never #Hashtagawholesentence – do not be super specific.

Best Practice: Niche Marketing is very important as it will help to gain followers and increase engagement. You need to do hashtag research to find the best hashtags to use. Check out ritetag. Their free tool will help you define hashtags with volume and engagement.

Don’t: Try to make a hashtag on an “insider” issue or item. Just like when there is an “inside joke” – people will not get it and may feel left out. If they are simply confused then this is not good for your audience. It does not make any sense to do this.

Best Practice: Use hashtags that makes sense. They need to make sense for your audience. They need to be consistent with your materials and what you do. They need to be strongly related to the tweet.

Don’t: Use whatever hashtags that are trending RIGHT NOW!

Best Practice: If a hashtag is trending but does not relate to what you do or your tweet then don’t use it. Always use relevant hashtags.

Don’t: Keep it a #Secret and make your employees sign a non disclosure so that the hashtag is never revealed.

Best Practice: If you use a hashtag to support your brand and it makes sense and is helpful for people who want to follow your brand then let people know.

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