July 18, 2024

Organic Link Building

Organic Link BuildingAre You Earning Your Links?

Organic Link Building

The quality of your website and your website materials have to be at a level where they are worthy of gaining in-coming links.

When your content earns links then this is a clear indicator that your content is pleasing and valuable to others. The lack of links indicates that your content is not valued by others. Your content gains links when people truly love your content. They love it so much that they are willing to link to it without being prompted or asked to. Once your link building reaches this level, you have mastered the ability to gain in-coming links.

Earning links isn’t easy. With the amount of content being produced on a daily basis, you need to make sure that the content you produce is of a higher standard than the rest and most importantly place it in front of influential readers. This is an important factor with any content marketing strategy. Getting your content published and read by the right types of people will help it spread and establish links organically!

I have a client who earns links without much effort to gain links. They create great content and keep it fresh and relevant. They are a well respected company in their own industry and their work is top level. Because their customers are happy they are also happy to recommend them to their own contacts. They gain links by people recommending their content but this recommendation is also in part a recommendation for the company.

Their content standards are high and as a result links are being formed naturally!

I think there is a lot we can learn from this sort of online “word of mouth”.

Content Marketing is all about sharing and part of this is to get the word-of-mouth marketing machine working for you. It is about adding value to your audience. This value will in turn help to build a relationship with the audience.

This is a strong business-building activity.

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