June 20, 2024

Real Estate Marketing

The Content Center – Part 2

Real Estate Blogging

Real Estate Blogging - Real Estate Center of Content

This is part 2 of a series on creating a center of content that supports your real estate business.

You always need a center of content and the primary center will be your website and the service and content that it provides. You can further enhance your content center with a blog and your real estate blog will be a perfect compliment to your website.

This post will be about your real estate blog and how to make this into a formidable center of content to enhance your real estate business.

Why is a real estate blog so valuable?

  • It allows you to share your views on real estate with your readers.
  • A blog can help you high-light and showcase a particular property.
  • It enables you to showcase the community in a time-friendly manner.
  • A blog gives people insights into your personality and expertise.
  • It provides content which can help search position.
  • A real estate blog can provide valuable advice for buyers and sellers.
  • A well done real estate blog can become the center of conversation about real estate in your area.

Here are some easy real estate blog topic ideas to get you started.

  • Write about your community.
  • Answer common questions (from both buyers and sellers)
  • Showcase a property.
  • Cover local events.
  • Explain real estate sales pitfalls.
  • Provide decorating ideas and links (great for collaboration).
  • Report real estate industry news.
  • Offer tips designed for specific market segments.
  • Interview people from the community (another collaboration idea).
  • Showcase some local businesses (again great for collaboration).

Here are some items to avoid:

Infrequent Posting (or Having Large Time Gaps between Posts)

If you post sporadically or infrequently then this can negatively impact your position in search. It is also a turn off for readers. Set a schedule and stick to it.

No Google+ Account (and If You Do then No Connection to It)

Google has been explaining a new metric called author rank and if they implement this then it is wise to be set up. I see no harm in having a Google+ account and connecting to it even if they do not implement author rank as it is yet another way to gain position and readers.

Not Using Images

Using images increases the interest level and can also help with sharing (you want people to share your posts). A visual break, using an image, also helps readers. The search engine optimization of images also can help with your position in search.

A blog can be a very valuable part of your content marketing plan and your center of content. To blog on specific items related to your real estate business can also help your center of content gain more exposure in search and this pleases sellers who want to list with a company that will provide their property with more exposure.

I recommend that you create your real estate blog and then develop it as an important part of your center of content. You may also want to reflect more on Part 1 of this series here is a link to Real Estate Marketing – Part 1.