August 12, 2022

Hiking Camel's Hump

Reasons to Live in Vermont

Real Estate Blogging – Pitch Your Experiences and Share Your Knowledge

Real Estate Blogging about the area - Why is your area so cool?This past weekend I decided, on the spur of the moment, to go hiking. I decided to drive to what many consider to be one of the best hiking mountains in all of Vermont – Camel’s Hump.

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On Page Search Engine Optimization

On Page Search Engine OptimizationOn Page Search Engine Optimization

The Most Common SEO Service

(but only the tip of the iceberg)

On-page SEO is probably the most common SEO service. Also, as noted in a prior post the on-page SEO and the detailed work which is associated with this aspect of SEO is the most common perception of what SEO is as a service. While it is an important part of the overall SEO picture and set-up for your website it will not produce significant business building results if this is all that you do.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization (SEO): Many Focus Areas

Can You Find the SEO Gold?

Understanding what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is can be confusing. There is quite a bit to it and it is practiced in many different ways. The scope of SEO services can also vary significantly as one SEO company will have a certain SEO philosophy and tools and focus on what they do best and another SEO company may have a very different philosophy and a different tool set and the two approaches may be very different.

There are basic components but the best performance results are when a tool set combines multiple aspects of SEO.

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The Relocating Buyer

Content Marketing - Real Estate BloggingBlog Postings for the Relocating Buyer

Content Marketing for Real Estate

If you want to attract an audience then you have to write and relate to that audience. How much thought have you given the buyer that is relocating to your area? This is a specialized niche if you are a real estate agent.

This niche could be a valuable one as you know that they are an interested and perhaps very motivated buyer.

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Content Is King in Real Estate

Content Marketing - Real Estate BlogContent is King in Real Estate

Leverage Your Real Estate Blog

If you are a real estate agent then you need to deliver high quality content and deliver it online. The more successful you are at doing this the more successful you will be as a real estate agent. Content can be on your community and on the homes you want to present. 

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Content Marketing – Be Specific

Content Marketing - Be SpecificContent Marketing – Be Specific

Try speaking to everyone and you end up speaking to no one. 

Your content needs to be specific. There is less value in trying to speak to both dog and cat lovers. If you speak to and add value to only dog lovers then they will relate to you and your content more strongly. Next, if you then speak with dedication and have high quality high-value content for cat lovers then you will gain their attention and loyalty.

Try to speak to both simultaneously and you run the risk of not appealing to either.

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