August 12, 2022

Ten Creative Blogging Ideas

Blogging IdeasTen Creative Blogging Ideas

Blogging Creativity

Writing a business blog can be a great deal of fun. However, it will not seem like fun when you don’t have a good idea for a blog post. When I am stumped for an idea I take a step back and think about how I can be more creative. The ideas just seem to flow when I focus on being creative rather than trying to think of a specific blog topic.

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Real Estate Collaboration

Real Estate Marketing - Real Estate Blogging CollaborationCollaboration and Team Work

Real Estate Blogging Collaboration

In the words of Henry Ford: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”.

As operators within a business we need to find a competitive advantage. If we identify something significant then we need to do what it takes to realize this advantage. We need not put up barriers that prevent us from realizing the full potential of a advantage.

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The Expansion of the Internet

The Expansion of the Internet

It is already huge and getting bigger all the time.

The Internet is a big place and it is getting bigger – an expanding universe of content. It is vast and has tools, information and entertainment for any taste or fancy. The Internet also allows us to connect and engage with others in our various communities. For example, let’s say we are very fond of donuts and want to connect with other dedicated fans of donuts.

The Internet offers the following ways to connect (just to name a few):

  • Your Blog: I am a (self-proclaimed) authority on donuts
  • Twitter: I’m eating a #donut
  • Facebook: I like donuts
  • Flicker: Over 1 billion photos of donuts
  • Foursquare: This is where I eat donuts
  • YouTube: Here is my cat eating a donut
  • LinkedIn: I am good a eating donuts
  • Pinterest: Here is a recipe for my favorite donut
  • G+: I work for Google and eat donuts

OK – a bit of humor but let’s now look at two significant factors that are going to make the Internet even more valuable and more sweeping.

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The Challenges of Real Estate SEO

The Challenges of Real Estate SEO

Real Estate SEO - A Real Challenge


The digital real estate competitive landscape is getting tougher and more sophisticated. There are big names such as Zillow, Trulia and that have vast resources and are committed to online dominance.

Without a well designed SEO strategy followed by consistent execution, it’s very difficult for a real estate company to maintain position in search let alone improve it.

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Real Estate SEO Advantage

Real Estate Structured Data Markup - Real Estate SEO AdvantageReal Estate SEO Advantage

Using Structured Data Markup

If you are a real estate company you know that your exposure in the search engines is vital to success. What can be better than search exposure? It makes everything easier. It is easier to have buyers contact you and easier for people thinking about listing to find you.

Moreover, when home owners can easily find your site it provides them with more confidence that you are the one to list their property. Home owners crave exposure for their home when it is on the market.

With Google changing to new search technologies that make the process of finding what seekers want more precise, it’s necessary to be aware of what can help you gain position in search.

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Your Business & Your Blog

A Case For Business BloggingBlogging for Business

A fundamental purpose of a business is to create a customer. Can a blog help?

While you may not think your business needs a blog, there are a number of reasons why it should. With the availability of inexpensive and efficient blogging platforms you can have a nice branded blog quickly and easily, learn how to publish blog posts and begin promoting your brand and connecting with customers and potential customers.

If I still have not convinced you then here are five reasons I feel a blog makes great sense for almost any business.

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