May 27, 2024

Content Marketing – Be Specific

Content Marketing - Be SpecificContent Marketing – Be Specific

Try speaking to everyone and you end up speaking to no one. 

Your content needs to be specific. There is less value in trying to speak to both dog and cat lovers. If you speak to and add value to only dog lovers then they will relate to you and your content more strongly. Next, if you then speak with dedication and have high quality high-value content for cat lovers then you will gain their attention and loyalty.

Try to speak to both simultaneously and you run the risk of not appealing to either. To speak to both simultaneously and to catch and keep their attention is more difficult than splitting the audience and then crafting a message for both. 

As another example consider content created by a real estate agent that tries to simultaneously engage buyers and sellers. This would be difficult content to create of at least more difficult than if the agent specialized and wrote with the buyer audience in mind and then wrote something specifically for the seller audience. 

Make it easier on yourself and better for your audience and be specific with your content marketing.

Also, experts are specific. Writing more specifically enables your expertise to shine brighter. You can be more specific and expert-like in describing the problem and then be specific with your solution. This is what experts do. 

In my referral networking group we always say to inform us of something specific. Do not ask for anyone . . .or everyone . . . We want people to ask to be introduced to a specific type of person or even a specific individual. Asking to be referred to anyone means to be referred to no one. 

If you write to a specific audience you can solve their specific problems and use their language to communicate with them. Content Marketing is more valuable when it is develop for specific problems and for a specific audience. Give this careful consideration as you develop your content marketing plan.

Content Marketing – Be Specific with Your Blog

Consider how a blog can help you in your Content Marketing efforts. Feel free to download our Blog Initiation Questionnaire. A blog is a great way to add a great deal of content to your content marketing efforts.