May 28, 2024

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Real Estate Blogging Personalities You Must Avoid

If you write a Real Estate Blog, the bad news is that you may have some competition.

The good news is most of them don’t know what they are doing.


The same problems come up again and again with a Real Estate Blog. The problem is a personality problem. These problems prevent you from building an audience for what you have to say. How is your blog performing? Do you even have one? If you do have a real estate blog then take care that your blog does not become a real estate blog with one of these personalities.

1. The Selfish Blog

This is a blog mindset and vital to the success of your blog. You have to be generous with your blog content. Create great value-added content. Know that you are providing this content for free. Feel good about it! Inform your audience on an important issue or problem. Make your audience feel supported. Think of a way to make them feel better. Make them laugh.

If you can unselfishly inform on an important topic or help solve a problem or make someone feel better then you have the makings of a great real estate blog.

Give. Tomorrow give some more. With every post think about what you can give.

If what you give is valuable enough, it will attract a strong audience. You need to build your audience as it’s roughly the same amount of work to give terrific content to an audience of 100’s or 1000’s as it is to provide great content to an audience of one. Remember that you are giving something to individual readers. The key is to grow this collection of individual readers.

Provide great content for free and your readership will grow.

2. The Lazy Blog

I have many people asking me about blogging and enjoy these conversations. However, too many times I hear “But that sounds like a lot of work.” Blogging does require work. It should be based on a content creation plan. A blog that is infrequently updated or updated with then content is not a very good blog.

When do we say that running a business is not a lot of work? With every job I have had in my entire life there was a great deal of work associated with it. You needed a plan. You had to implement the plan. You needed to stay organized and on schedule. You needed to think out new approaches for adding value. This was true for every job I had from high school to today. This is the same with blogging.

In my opinion, creating high-value content on your topic is a lot of fun. It is rewarding to learn more about your topic so that you can write about it. It has a low overhead cost structure (This is great for business!). It allows you to be creative. It allows you to connect with people in multiple ways. Doesn’t that sound like fun!

View creating content for your real estate blog as a fun and rewarding experience and this will make your blog an active engaging blog (not a lazy one).

3. The Impatience Blog

I don’t think there’s a successful real estate blogger in the world who hasn’t been frustrated at the three- or six-month mark when things just weren’t moving as fast as they wanted them to. It takes some time to build an audience and be certain that momentum is your friend.

Most blogs don’t take off like rockets. A typical blog builds an audience slowly and as momentum builds the readership snowball starts to grow. You start to be found more in search. Your blog gets bookmarked. People start to subscribe. Your blog post start to acquire links and people may use your posts as references for their online materials. Things start to happen automatically – but it takes time.

If you’re not finding or growing the audience you want yet, ask yourself:

  • Are your blog posts actually interesting to someone other than to yourself?
  • Do you give your readers something that delights them?
  • Do you support other people and organizations in your community so that they will support your real estate blogging? Build your network of supporters.

If the answers to these questions are yes, then be patient. Perhaps even demonstrate some stubbornness.

Trust in yourself. Stay motivated as you build your content and your audience will grow.

4. The Lame Blog

Real Estate Blogging isn’t like traditional real estate advertising. Traditionally you spend more money to reach more eyeballs. In social media marketing – in this case real estate blogging – the payment you make for your audience is to create amazing and delightful content. If your content is lame, you don’t find an audience and your message doesn’t get through.

If your content is fantastic, you’ll find a nice-sized audience who love what you have to say. Many folks may even be happy to become regular readers and even refer your blog to others. Why wouldn’t they? If you solve their problem or provide them with valuable information or make them feel better then they will pass this on to their friends, neighbors and co-workers in similar situations.

5. The Irrelevant Blog

I advise to put your heart into your content – inject your personality. Make it likable to your audience – make it you. However, remember that it ain’t all about you.

Don’t try to force people to like broccoli ice cream, even if that’s your favorite.

6. The Boring Blog

Boorishness often comes from the selfish blog problem. Be generous and work to create non-boring, high-value content. Write about your community in an interesting and engaging way. Interview community figures and throw in some fun questions. Be controversial! Present something new or something old in a new way. Be creative! This is one of the beautiful things about blogging.

I also advise you to use some great graphics, images or even video. Spice it up! A plain old vanilla blog will not build the audience to the level that will help you to attract buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Blogging – Conclusion

Do not start or maintain a Real Estate Blog with any of these personalities. Create and maintain a blog with great content that engages . . . that solves a problem . . . that advises on an important topic. Be generous and be active. Be entertaining. Be different. Be better – much better – than your real estate competition.

If you want to learn more about Real Estate Blogging then download our free guide. It will provide you with more insights into how to create and execute in the real estate blogging arena without any of the 6 personality flaws described above.