July 25, 2024

10 Content Marketing Advantages over Advertising

10 Content Marketing Advantages

Content Marketing versus Advertising

10 Content Marketing Advantages over Advertising

Content Marketing has several advantages over “traditional” advertising.

Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content. It is meant to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood audience. Its main objective is to drive profitable customer action.

Here is my top ten list of advantages content marketing has over advertising.

1. It attracts people who are interested in it. Traditional advertising is a process of interruption.

2. By not overtly selling, it gets people’s attention without triggering their marketing blockers.

3. It builds trust, but only if the information it provides is good, useful and trustworthy.

4. If it’s helpful, it’s usually more memorable than advertising.

5. It builds up content at your center of content that provides a boost to long-term search position.

6. Content helps to boost domain authority which also helps to boost search position.

7. It provides content to present on social media channels that is important for social media marketing.

8. Worthy content enables social media sharing. Good content is a shareable commodity.

9. Content and the combined search engine optimization advantages can be used to decrease advertising costs.

10. It builds your authority as the author and helps to establish you and your business as a go-to resource.

As you can see, a solid content marketing strategy with implementation, carries some big benefits and advantages over traditional advertising.

I understand that not everyone has time to devote to developing content for online marketing. If you don’t seem to have the time then don’t let it get you down. You and your business do not have to be at a disadvantage. Instead, send me an e-mail (ghorsman@aglobalreach.com), reference this blog post and we can start the conversation about your content marketing plan.