May 27, 2024

Real Estate Blogging

Real Estate BloggingReal Estate Blogging

Why Should Anyone Care?

Perhaps even a better question is . . . Why should buyers and sellers care?

Here are my reasons why a real estate blog is effective and why people should care.

Reason #1

To blog about real estate topics and your community demonstrates your knowledge and expertise. If I am a home seller in your community then this is valuable to me. If I am a potential home buyer then this is also valuable to me. Your blog can add value for both home sellers and home buyers.

Reason #2

To blog about your expertise provides exposure for your experience and real estate expertise. Does a home owner want to turn over the selling of their house to someone with more or less experience? To demonstrate extensive experience with the community is valuable to the buyer. The answer is clear – people want to work with someone that has more experience versus someone with less.

Reason #3

Blogging about real estate and your community shows that you care. Sometimes the most important factor is not how much you know but how much you care. Use your blog to show how much you care and potential buyers and sellers will care more about you.

Reason #4

Blogging can show your commitment. An updated blog demonstrates that you stay on top of things and are committed to your topic. If you add some blog posts about trends then you show your commitment to staying current.

Reason #5

A nice and updated blog demonstrates your Internet Marketing savvy. This is very important in today’s real estate world. Sellers will judge your skills. Buyers use the Internet to conduct research. You will win in both camps with a nice and updated blog. There may also be a chance that some of your clients/customers also blog. If this is the case then you will have something more in common with them. A great relationship is in the making.

Reason #6

Blogging helps people to know you and this can build trust. With a blog you have the ability to write and put your thoughts “out there” (this takes courage). You have a chance to state the facts (this demonstrates integrity). You present your personality.

Home buyers and sellers have a choice when selecting an agent to represent them during the purchase or sale of their most valuable financial asset. Rather than relying only on static website branding, real estate bloggers are able to present their value to their potential clients through focused frequent writing.

Once a potential client or customer has discovered your real estate blog you have set the stage for winning them over.

Real Estate Blogging

If you are a real estate agent and do not have a real estate blog then we invite you to download our Blog Initiation Questionnaire. This questionnaire will help you to start thinking about how to get going with real estate blogging.