June 16, 2024

Five Great A/B Test Experiment Ideas

AB Test ExperimentA/B Test Experiment Ideas – Five Great Ones

A/B testing is all about experimentation. You need to have a mindset that is not satisfied with the status quo. You also have to be willing to try an experiment knowing that you could make things worse. This is a way to learn.

Also, I want to also state that with A/B testing you may not always know the reasons why something is better but you will know that it is better. This is sufficient for making progress.

Try some of these experimental ideas.

1. Traffic Source Segmentation: If you’re driving all of your traffic to a single page, you’re losing an opportunity to measure the effectiveness of each inbound channel.

A/B Test Experiment: Create a separate and specific landing page for each traffic source (email, social media, Ad 1, Ad 2, PPC Ads) and see which source results in the most conversions.

2. Image versus Video: Sometimes a strong image is all that’s needed to gain enough attention to keep someone on your page, but a video increases engagement and time on page.

A/B Test Experiment: Use a static image showing a physical product (or a screenshot if it’s an online tool) and test it against a video explanation or demo of your product or service.

3. Video – Autoplay versus User Directed Play: Love it or hate it, it has an impact on conversion. It can annoy your visitors and make them leave or grab their attention.

A/B Test Experiment: Simply set up your video to start as soon as the page is loaded and test it against a version where the visitor has to choose to watch it.

4. Headline – Single Headline versus Primary and Secondary Headline: Sometimes a single headline is all you need to communicate what you do, but a smaller secondary statement can be used to back it up and provide extra information while keeping your headline simple and to the point.

A/B Test Experiment: Try adding a benefit related secondary headline beneath your primary headline that explains the WHY to complement the WHAT.

5. Page Copy – Long versus Short: Different items need more explanation than others to convince someone to convert.

A/B Test Experiment: Try a succinct version that gets straight to the point against a long page that explains everything it does. Think of the information on a boxed item versus the instruction manual inside.

A/B Test Experiment – Summary

Remember A/B testing is all about experimenting. Be creative. Be active and over time you will gain significant insights into how to perform better online and this will help to put more money in your bank account.

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