July 18, 2024

Real Estate SEO – Blogging is Flexible

Real Estate SEO and BloggingReal Estate SEO – Blogging Is Flexible & Great for Real Estate SEO!

Ever wonder why some real estate professionals always seem to be properly presented in search? The main factor is related to marketing and specifically the timing associated with their marketing.

The most effective real estate agents understand an important principle. A business will perform best if it is visible and in real estate this means being visible in the search engines. A successful real estate business also has to minimize marketing costs while at the same time ensure significant search engine market exposure.

As a real estate agent you understand what buyers, sellers and investors want and why. You may even be excellent at closing a sale. However, you also have to be good a marketing exposure to be at the head of the pack.

In today’s modern marketplace the power has clearly shifted to the consumer. This is because the consumer is now confident that they can search for something – anything – knowing that the search engines will deliver. Being ‘findable’ in search for a real estate business is essential. If your business is findable then you are accessible to both real estate buyers and sellers.

Sellers use the Internet to make judgments on things such as the depth of your office staff, your expertise on the local communities, the position of your website in search engine results and the tools and resources you use to market real estate . . .

Buyers want to learn about homes on the market and they also want to learn about the local communities. Things such as school systems, area activities, the area arts, cultural activities, community history and civic organizations are important to people thinking about moving into the area.

OK . . . OK you know all this. What about blogging and Real Estate SEO?

A blog is a significant tool as it is easy to use, very flexible in terms of content flexibility and great for SEO. As a real estate company now is not the time to procrastinate or underestimate the value of a blog.

Newspapers, circulars and mass mailings are traditional advertising sources brokers and agents are familiar with. Real estate pros today need to think about how to be found in search when someone is looking. The traditional advertising methods are based to a large extent on interrupting people. Modern marketing is to be presented exactly when someone is looking. This is the opposite of interrupting.

Your real estate blog plays into modern marketing perfectly.

What are blog advantages?

  1. Easy to use – do it yourself – low cost
  2. Focused/branded message – promote your brand
  3. Search engines love blogs – helps with search engine exposure
  4. Displays your real estate and community expertise – promotes your company and you as the local expert
  5. Provides another channel to showcase a home – both sellers and buyers benefit

Advertising online effectively however calls for some insider knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The reality is that Real Estate SEO and Real Estate SEM (Search Engine Marketing) using a blog requires more complex strategies than simple keyword inclusion.

Keyword selection is important in enhancing your real estate search engine relevance. Proper keyword selection and optimization for a set of keyword phrases can put a real estate website or blog on the map, but it’s important not to over-saturate (nobody, search engines included, wants to read text in which a specific terms is repeated over and over). Once you have created a blog post your need to optimize the blog post properly for one or two keyword phrases for top search positioning. When done properly the blog post will perform well in search and the post will help to boost the position of your website.

For Realtors, branding is essential to establishing a stronger and more viable online business presence. A brand is synonymous with quality in business. Put simply, a brand is a promise. Within a specific real estate business your personal brand is your unique market perspective and the specific value you add to any real estate transaction. As an agent, you need to establish yourself as a credible expert in the industry to gain the confidence of both sellers and buyers. A blog can help to create and enhance your brand.

A blog enables a real estate company the opportunity to get the word out about their business and the value they provide routinely and conveniently.

Reaching this online audience frequently, conveniently, and at a very low cost is the key to growing your online presence and influence and seeing real results.

With so much to learn and adopt and so little time to do it a key to success is to develop the most effective and efficient methods of modern marketing. To be efficient and effective you need to work to your strength . . .

Are you a real estate expert? Is this one of your strengths?

Are you an expert on your community? Is this one of your strengths?

Are you passionate about what you do? Is this one of your strengths?

If you can answer yes to these three questions then I encourage you to use a blog to let people know about your real estate strengths. If you are passionate about what you do then blogging will feel like a wheel in a well-oiled machine.

If you’re a realtor in today’s marketplace, you can choose to overlook new marketing mediums as trends that are simply a phase. However, take heed as there is a chance are you are also choosing to be left behind.

Real Estate SEO & Blogging

Be proactive about growing a competitive real estate business online. I encourage you to consider creating a real estate blog. It will help you and your business in many ways one of which will the real estate SEO support that it will provide.

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