June 16, 2024

Passion Equals Power

Business Passion

In business, you have to have a certain level of passion in order to accomplish any key big objective. Things will get in the way. Interruptions will occur. Actual barriers will be in front of you. You need to be focused and push through the distractions and barriers.

Business Passion = Power

Here are six tips to help you think through barriers and distractions.

1. Be Passionate About What You Want

Don’t wait for someone else to motivate you. Build your motivation from within. How bad do you want it?

Your internal motivation

can only be developed by you.


It is in your best interest to be passionate about your goals and objectives. You cannot go through the motions and be as successful as you deserve to be. Your passion will make you more powerful than you ever thought possible. You passion will carry you forward.

2. The Situation Will Never Be Perfect

If you are waiting for the “right” time to do something — whatever it is – you’re going to be waiting forever. My brother once said that he was going to wait for the best computer to be developed before he would buy one. He also said that he would never visit Italy until he knew how to speak Italian. He now does owe a computer (he gave up waiting for the ultimate computer to be developed) but still has never visited Italy. He is a person that always puts the artificial barrier of needing the conditions to be “right” before he does something.

There is no such thing as

a “right” time to do anything.


This reaction is based on a fear-of-change. If you keep waiting for that mysterious “perfect time to act” then this means you will never actually have to take action and confront your fear. Do something outside your comfort zone and you will grow into a bigger comfort zone. You will become more capable.

3. You Might Fail (a Lot)

If you attempt to achieve an ambitious new goal, then it is possible that you will fail. Welcome to reality.

Change your thinking about failure.


It is not a big, bad thing that you should be frightened of. Failure is a learning opportunity and nothing more. If successful people quit pursuing their goal after failing the first time they tried something new, then there would be approximately zero successful people ever.

When you do fail, do not focus on who or what to blame. Ask a simple question. Ask: why didn’t this work out and how can I do better next time?  This process very well could repeat itself several times depending on the nature of your goal, but if you keep making a firm commitment to continuously improve yourself, you will develop so much that the only option left is success.

Consistent improvement helps you to win.

4. Are You Busy Accomplishing Your Goals (or just busy)

If you like to brag about how great you are at multitasking, stop it! You are only kidding yourself. Moving quickly from task to task can waste your productivity, stress you out, and can cause you to make mistakes. It may actually take you longer to complete two tasks that you are switching back-and-forth between than it would to complete each one separately.

Learn to focus.

Set aside time to focus.

Stay on task until it is done.


If you want to save time, instead of multitasking, try grouping similar tasks together. Have a bunch of e-mails you need to send? Do them all at once. If you have a blog post you need to write? Get it done before moving onto anything else.

Different tasks require different mind-sets, so focus on one thing at a time. Being “busy” does not guarantee that you are doing something useful to achieve your goals – it may even mean the opposite.

5. You Have More Time Than You Think You Do

You should eliminate the phrase, “I don’t have the time,” from your vocabulary, because it is not true. There are 168 hours every week. Let that sink in for a moment. That is a vast amount of time. What happens to all this time? The average person spends 4.09 hours on leisure activities per day according to a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most of that time, 2.8 hours per day, is devoted to the television.

If watching TV helps you to grow as a person or in your profession then by all mean carry on. Consider, however, that you could spend that time writing an informative value based blog post for your audience. You could read books that will help you expand your understanding of key topics and make you more proficient at your passion.

It isn’t a priority.


The next time you say you “don’t have the time,” change your wording to say “it isn’t a priority.”

No time to write? Writing isn’t a priority. No time to prepare healthy meals at home? Your health isn’t a priority. No time to exercise? Exercising isn’t a priority. It may sound severe, but it’s true. How you spend your time is a choice, so spend it wisely.

6. Be Positive

I believe that a fundament difference between people that prosper and people that do not is optimism. This needs to resonate with all of us.

The optimists win the day!


The optimists do not win because they are always right but because they are positive. Being positive is the way of achievement; it is the way of improvement; it is the way of correction and success. Even when the optimists are wrong they are positive.

Educated, eye-open optimism is the way forward so that you will achieve your goals and objectives.