June 24, 2021
26 Sep

Business Blogging – Interview with Heidi White

Business Blogging - Heidi White - Freelance Copywriting ServicesThe Value of Business Blogging

Heidi White is a freelance copywriter that also teaches programs on Blogging for Business. Here is an interview I conducted with Heidi that I think you will find valuable. 

Also if you need support with your blogging or anything else related to freelance copywriting services then I invite you to visit the website of Heidi White to connect with her directly by clicking on the link above.

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01 Sep

Generating Blogging Ideas

Generating Blogging Ideas

Three Concepts That Add Up to Infinity

Generating Blogging IdeasIf you seem to struggle about what to write about in your blog consider places to go, things to do and people to interview.

The intersection of these three items is infinite. Write the post so that it relates to your industry and so that it is targeted to your audience.

Let’s look at some examples.

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30 Aug

Passion Equals Power

Business Passion

In business, you have to have a certain level of passion in order to accomplish any key big objective. Things will get in the way. Interruptions will occur. Actual barriers will be in front of you. You need to be focused and push through the distractions and barriers.

Business Passion = Power

Here are six tips to help you think through barriers and distractions.

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21 Aug

Results or Regrets

Results or Regrets

Dealing with Indecision and ProcrastinationDealing with Indecision - Get results not regrets!


“Once I make up my mind, I’m full of indecision.” ~ Oscar Levant

We all find ourselves procrastinating at times or we find that we are struggling with a key decision. To procrastinate or delay due to being indecisive limits what we can (and do) accomplish.

Here is some advice to dealing with indecision.

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13 Aug

Content Marketing & Post and Beam Construction

Content Marketing - Like Post and Beam ConstructionContent Marketing & Post and Beam Construction

Looking Through a Content Marketing Lens

When you look at things using a certain lens you start to see things in terms of that lens. I often look at things from a content marketing perspective. This is a useful lens for me and when it seems I can view most anything through this lens and it has meaning to content marketing.

Here is an example.

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01 Jul

Avoid Procrastination

Blogging Procrastination

. . . and how to avoid procrastination! 

Avoid Procrastination Blogging

If you know that you can add value by blogging on your topic of expertise but never seem to get around to it then this blog post may help. There are plenty of people that can leverage their expertise by blogging but set up barriers (sometimes mostly mental) that prevent them from blogging and projecting their expertise into their marketplace.

You need to avoid procrastination when it comes to your blogging.

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14 May

Interview with Heidi White

Heidi White - Blogging and Content MarketingBlogging and Content Marketing

An Interview with Heidi White

Blogging has become a mainstream marketing activity and many consider it a necessity for online communication and engagement. It can also be used to develop and enhance a business’s brand and therefore is a very important tool.

This interview is with Heidi White. She is a communications specialist and copywriter. Heidi also helps businesses set up and promote their brand and message by offering a blogging tutorial to help people to get started with blogging. Here are some key questions and answers related to business blogging.

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