June 24, 2021
24 Oct

Ten LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn Tips – Details Matter

Using LinkedIn Wisely

Ten LinkedIn TipsDon’t just use LinkedIn to collect connections. Make it a successful business building tool!

LinkedIn, today, is much more than a site for job seekers and HR departments looking for employees. It is also much more than a place to store your connections. As a business professional you can make worth while and fruitful business-enhancing connections on LinkedIn.


Here are Ten LinkedIn Tips to help you get more out of your LinkedIn account.

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29 Sep

What Content Format Do People Like Best?

Content-Marketing-Best-FormatWhat Content Marketing Format Do People Like Best?

This Is a NOT a Trick Question


If you are a content marketer then you may often think about what content format will work best for your audience. Should you blog or create podcasts? You may not be any good at making videos but you think your audience will like them. You may be a specialist at white papers but your audience may not enjoy them as much as the same topic and information in a different format.


Here are some data and some insights for you.

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24 Sep

Building Business Relationships

Building Business Relationships - Essentials for Business SuccessBuilding Business Relationships

10 Business Relationship Building Tips


The focus of this article is on building business relationships.


This subject is an important one; after all, if we treasure our possessions, job, reputation, or authority more than our relationships, all of these aspects of our life will suffer.


I even advocate that the quality of our lives will be determined by the quality of our relationships.

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16 Sep

Content Marketing Stickiness

Content Marketing and Making a Message StickyContent Marketing Stickiness

A Stickiness Framework from “Made to Stick”

I really like the book Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath. I own both the book and the audio CD.

They go into detail about a framework that can be used to evaluate whether an idea is “sticky” or not.

Here are the six core parts of their framework:

  • Simple
  • Unexpected
  • Concrete
  • Credible
  • Emotional
  • Stories

This book is required reading if you create content to market your business. Here is a summary of the framework so that you can get an idea of how it can help verify your content ideas.

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01 Aug

Content Marketing – Storytelling

Storytelling and Content MarketingStorytelling

Those who tell stories rule the world – Plato

Storytelling can improve the success of your project or your business initiative. A wonderful story can also promote your brand.

Many projects do not result in success because few take the time to develop a “storyline” to support the project or the initiative.

Also, I  realize that many projects are not progressed because the idea is not worthy. However, this is a post about storytelling and the premise is that the idea is worthy but the story is lacking.

This is a post about how business storytelling created a successful result for multiple business parties.

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30 Jun

Content Marketing or Advertising

Advertising vs Content MarketingContent Marketing or Advertising

I teach classes on Content Marketing and I notice that people sometimes have a problem distinguishing between advertising and content marketing. I often explain that advertising and content marketing can work together. That advertising helps to make people aware and then if they want to dig in deeper then advertising can hand off to content marketing. Here is an examination of both advertising and content marketing.

Both have their place.

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16 May

Top Ten Blogging Ideas

My Top Ten Blog Post IdeasMy Top Ten Blogging Ideas

These All Work and Work Well

A blog is one of the best tools available for promoting your business and services online. Here are my top ten ideas for blog posts that could be applied to any business.

Keep this list handy and look it over the next time you’re stuck on what to write about.

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04 May

Do You Really Know Your Website Traffic?

SEO and Website Traffic - Dig DeepSEO and Website Traffic

Do you make the proper connections?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be confusing to many people. The confusion often occurs simply because a website owner or manager just does not spend enough time becoming familiar with the wealth of information available to them.

Here is a blog post on the importance of knowing more about your website traffic and how it will provide insights into your SEO and social media marketing performance as well.

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27 Apr

Setting Content Marketing Objectives

Content Marketing Objectives

Content Marketing Objectives

Understand, Plan, Implement, Measure & Adjust

Before a business decides what content to create and optimize it is important to take a step back and ask an essential marketing question, “What are we trying to do? or . . . What are we trying to accomplish? The answer is often obvious “We’re trying to get more people to buy what we are selling!”

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