August 12, 2022

Google Trends

Growing your business using Google TrendsUsing Google Trends

Keyword Research and Content Marketing

Google Trends allows us to see relative search volume as a function of time. In some cases, the data goes back as far as 2004. As small business owners or managers we all need to realize that we are also marketing managers. Many of you also know that I am a big fan of using the Google Database to conduct market research. It can be invaluable to us.

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Content Marketing by Heidi White

Content Marketing Post by Heidi White

Here is a nice post from Heidi White. She writes about content marketing and the concept of content marketing planning.

She covers:

  • The Content Marketing Target Market
  • Content Planning for Special Times or Events
  • Content Depth and Visual Appeal
  • How to Evaluate

In this last item, she brings up Google Analytics as a way to measure how effective (or not) your content marketing is and that it is always necessary to reevaluate and to look for ways to improve. 

This is a solid post by Heidi and it captures the essentials of modern content marketing.

Also, if you want to learn more about content marketing then I invite you to take our tutorial series on content marketing. Here is a link to the Content Marketing Tutorial Introduction.

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Communications Skills

Communication SkillsCommunication Skills

Communication skills – especially public speaking and presentation skills – are essential for business success. Public speaking and presentation skill is very valuable but also something that business people in general do not develop. For example, a great presentation, in terms of content, can be diminished if the presenter starts each sentence with um or ah-um.

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Top Ten Social Media Marketing Questions

Top Ten Social Media Marketing Questions - Answered by Jason RobieTop Ten Social Media Marketing Questions

Answered by Social Media Marketing Expert Jason Robie

Jason Robie is President of Ridgeview Technology which is a search engine marketing and social media marketing company located in New Hampshire. He teaches programs and consults with companies on social media and helps the clients of Ridgeview Technology gain exposure using a combination of social media and search engine optimization.

Jason will answer some of the most critical questions that companies have related to social media marketing.

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Thoughts for 2013

Business 2013

Business 2013 - Looking Forward to 2013Helen Keller once wrote:

“Character cannot be developed in peace and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.”

For a business in 2013, this can be translated into something quite simple; Just Do It!

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The Economy and Fear

Content Marekting and FearContent Marketing and Fear

How can content marketing help in this economy? 

The economy is what it is. Perhaps the recession is over. We may be in a recovery. Maybe the pain is behind us. I hope that Congress will make the right moves. Business marches forward even surround by uncertainty. No businesses proceeds certain of what’s going to happen. A business owner needs to move forward and operate in a business climate with a strong component of uncertainty about the economy and market conditions.

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The Twinkie – Content Marketing Lessons

Twinkies and Content MarketingTwinkies

Content Marketing Lessons from the Twinkie

As we approached this up-coming Thanksgiving Holiday I wanted to write a blog post about how your content marketing needs to be like your holiday dinner. Then, a news event caused me to change course and I decided to write about how your content marketing and Twinkies.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing - Election DayContent Marketing – Election Day

Does Your Content Get Votes

What does your online audience deserve?

It’s Election Day in America and this is a proud and great American tradition. Did you ever stop to consider that when you place content online that people who blog or who own websites or who you may be able to collaborate with have a chance to vote for it? How do they vote?

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