May 27, 2024

Write Like Snow Falling

Writing for Blogs

Write Like Snow Falling!

Writing for Blogs - Content MarketingAre you an interesting blogger?

Is it important?

If you are a blogger then it is very important. No one wants to read boring blog posts – in fact – no one will.

Some of you will be boring because it is the safe thing to do. You may even have been conditioned to being boring as you may have been told (perhaps far too often) “to behave”. There are plenty of people out there that could have, should have or would have if only . . .

You may also be one to strive for the consensus. Again, it is the safe thing to do. Nothing can knock down the best points of a great idea faster than pushing for a consensus. If your approach is to write for the lowest common denominator then realize also that this is not such as high standard.

Know your audience and strive to delight them!

Get out of your comfort zone and push your readers to think more than they might otherwise. I do not mean to make them to work harder with less then excellent writing but rather to present ideas that get them to think, make them happy or inspired or delight them by solving their problems.

Art – The Play – I Exposed Myself

This past weekend I attended a play simply called Art. It was a play about three friends who had known one another for many years. One of the friends – Serge – had purchased a painting. The painting had a white background and on this background were painted white diagonal strips (which were very hard to see). Serge loved the painting and wanted to “spend time with” it. The painting engaged him.

Mark, a close friend of Serge, hated the painting and indeed called it a “white piece of shit”. These respective positions, about the painting, resulted in the stage turning into a war zone with provocations flying everywhere like quarrelsome bullets and an occasional argumentative missile with plenty of salt for the wounds for good measure.

I watched in fascination.

Later that evening, I thought more about the play and the meaning of it. I still enjoyed the thought of it. The next day I was still thinking about the play and still enjoyed it. The next day I was wondering why I liked it so much – why was it enjoyable to watch the performers argue for almost the duration of the play.

The point is that the play had depth of meaning. It had humor. It was thought provoking. It engaged me and made me think. The exposure to the play was good for me and I believe for the entire audience.

This is what a good blog post or delightful website copy needs to do. Get people to think in advanced ways about their issues, problems or topics. With your blog writing get out of your comfort zone.

I want to close by bringing you back in time. Let’s time travel . . .

Think back to the time when you were in elementary school and your teacher was teaching you with great earnestness. Remember the day when you were in school in class with your favorite teacher who was teaching you your favorite topic and it started to snow for the first time that year. The eyes of all the children turned to watch the snow falling. It was beautiful and you watched as if you had never seen snow fall before. Whatever the teacher said escaped you.

Strive to write to gain and hold the attention of your audience like the year’s first snow fall captured your attention many years ago.

Writing for Blogs

Write like snow falling – strive for the magic!