June 20, 2024

SEO and Over-Optimization

SEO and Over-OptimizationSEO and Over-Optimization

There has been a great deal of discussion lately on the topic of over-optimization of a webpage. I have been looking into this diligently for a number of months and it is hard to get a definite handle on this. I have attended seminars, asked experts and read many articles.





Though often discussed in SEO circles as a concern, no one really seams to know exactly what is meant by over-optimization. 

That “no one really knows” is typical within the SEO ranks but we need stay on top of this and just today a read an article by Tina Courtney-Brown in which she highlights the key points in a study done by BusinessBolts.com. 

Backlinks Are Still Vital

One of the main points for me is that backlinks are certainly still one of the major factors in determining the position of a page in the search results. The backlink part of their study sheds some light on domain-based links versus page-specific links. Anyone, that does link building needs to understand not only the links to any given page but also links to the root domain. This is something we have been studying with our own experiments and this study by BusinessBolt.com confirms what we have been seeing.

Here is a PDF version of the article by Tina Courtney-Brown published in its entirety that you may download.

SEO and Over-Optimization