October 1, 2022

Interview with Heidi White

Heidi White - Blogging and Content MarketingBlogging and Content Marketing

An Interview with Heidi White

Blogging has become a mainstream marketing activity and many consider it a necessity for online communication and engagement. It can also be used to develop and enhance a business’s brand and therefore is a very important tool.

This interview is with Heidi White. She is a communications specialist and copywriter. Heidi also helps businesses set up and promote their brand and message by offering a blogging tutorial to help people to get started with blogging. Here are some key questions and answers related to business blogging.

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Ideal Keyword Density

The Ideal Keyword Density

Matt Cutts says . . .

A question I often get asked is what is the ideal keyword density for a given page on your website. For a question such as this, I often simply say that you want to write for humans. After all, Google and the other major search engines need to take proper care of their customers and their customer are humans. Google and the other major search engines actually try to emulate humans. That’s right! They actually try to emulate us.

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Blogging Makes You Better

Expertise and BloggingExpertise and Blogging

What’s In It for You!

An important aspect of blogging – that is often not considered – is that blogging makes you better. The act of blogging requires that you think up topics, research them, clarify them, promote your blogging posts and then observe the response. Each of these activities and the combined process makes you better at what you blog about.

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Analytics Goals

Blogging GoalsBlogging Goals

Setting up Analytics Goals for Your Blog


If you have a WordPress website or blog then to add Google Analytics is easy and from within Google Analytics you can (and should) set up visitor-related goals. You should have website goals and blogging goals.

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Blogging Frequency

Blogging Frequency

Advice on Blog Post Frequency

I get the question on how often to post from people that are contemplating a blog or just starting out that I feel it was worth some more research and thought. My answer to this question is still based on doing the best job for your audience.

Does this mean to publish monthly – maybe. Does it mean to publish multiple times daily – perhaps.

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The Twinkie – Content Marketing Lessons

Twinkies and Content MarketingTwinkies

Content Marketing Lessons from the Twinkie

As we approached this up-coming Thanksgiving Holiday I wanted to write a blog post about how your content marketing needs to be like your holiday dinner. Then, a news event caused me to change course and I decided to write about how your content marketing and Twinkies.

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SEO and Great Content Fixed My TV

SEO and Great ContentSEO and Great Content Fixed My TV

My wife was given a very nice (but used) Sony Flat Screen TV. The only problem was that it did not work. 

It was out of warranty but the prior owner told her that it worked perfectly and had a great picture until it went black. I decided that I would do some online research to gain insights into potential paths to follow to fix it. I turned to Google.

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Content Marketing – Be Specific

Content Marketing - Be SpecificContent Marketing – Be Specific

Try speaking to everyone and you end up speaking to no one. 

Your content needs to be specific. There is less value in trying to speak to both dog and cat lovers. If you speak to and add value to only dog lovers then they will relate to you and your content more strongly. Next, if you then speak with dedication and have high quality high-value content for cat lovers then you will gain their attention and loyalty.

Try to speak to both simultaneously and you run the risk of not appealing to either.

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Google Disavow Link Tool

Google Disavow Link ToolGoogle Disavow Link Tool

A New Google Webmaster Tool

Google is now giving us all the power to report on links that we do not want to have pointing to websites or blogs. Google calls this a power-user tool. However, since it is available via Google’s Webmaster Tools then it can be used by anyone. I suspect that there will be some misuse or even abuse.

Now, what does this mean for the most legitimate, trustworthy and proper website? What does this mean to you?

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