December 4, 2023

Your Business & Your Blog

A Case For Business BloggingBlogging for Business

A fundamental purpose of a business is to create a customer. Can a blog help?

While you may not think your business needs a blog, there are a number of reasons why it should. With the availability of inexpensive and efficient blogging platforms you can have a nice branded blog quickly and easily, learn how to publish blog posts and begin promoting your brand and connecting with customers and potential customers.

If I still have not convinced you then here are five reasons I feel a blog makes great sense for almost any business.

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Google Is a Referral Resource

Google Is a Referral Resource

Word-of-Google Referrals – Google and SEO

Google and SEOThink of it this way: What if I recommended a particular product or service to you. You acted on my recommendation and purchased the product or service. However, you were not satisfied. The value of the service you received was low in comparison to the price you paid or the product did not work well. Would you trust me for future product recommendations? Probably not – why should you.

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Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Google HummingbirdSome Insights into the New Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Quality Content Still Reigns Supreme

Hummingbird enables Google to understand more about the “meaning” of a phrase or search query. Google’s objective is to make a search better for the searcher. It wants to do the best job it can matching the meaning and intention of the searcher with the search results it presents.

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Business Blogging – Interview with Heidi White

Business Blogging - Heidi White - Freelance Copywriting ServicesThe Value of Business Blogging

Heidi White is a freelance copywriter that also teaches programs on Blogging for Business. Here is an interview I conducted with Heidi that I think you will find valuable. 

Also if you need support with your blogging or anything else related to freelance copywriting services then I invite you to visit the website of Heidi White to connect with her directly by clicking on the link above.

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Generating Blogging Ideas

Generating Blogging Ideas

Three Concepts That Add Up to Infinity

Generating Blogging IdeasIf you seem to struggle about what to write about in your blog consider places to go, things to do and people to interview.

The intersection of these three items is infinite. Write the post so that it relates to your industry and so that it is targeted to your audience.

Let’s look at some examples.

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SEO Copywriting

SEO CopywritingSEO Copywriting 

It’s Complicated!

SEO copywriting is a complex skill and a very important one if you want to gain more than your fair share of online traffic.

SEO copywriting will often be categorized under “On Page SEO”, but it really deserves to be recognized as a far more complicated field than is usually acknowledged. 


Done well . . .

  • It is compelling and builds a desire to read more.
  • It identifies and solves problems that need to be solved.
  • SEO copywriting entertains and delights.
  • It adds value to the people that read it.
  • SEO copywriting helps a company achieve its business objectives.
  • It increases the authority of a business.

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On Page Search Engine Optimization

On Page Search Engine OptimizationOn Page Search Engine Optimization

The Most Common SEO Service

(but only the tip of the iceberg)

On-page SEO is probably the most common SEO service. Also, as noted in a prior post the on-page SEO and the detailed work which is associated with this aspect of SEO is the most common perception of what SEO is as a service. While it is an important part of the overall SEO picture and set-up for your website it will not produce significant business building results if this is all that you do.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization (SEO): Many Focus Areas

Can You Find the SEO Gold?

Understanding what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is can be confusing. There is quite a bit to it and it is practiced in many different ways. The scope of SEO services can also vary significantly as one SEO company will have a certain SEO philosophy and tools and focus on what they do best and another SEO company may have a very different philosophy and a different tool set and the two approaches may be very different.

There are basic components but the best performance results are when a tool set combines multiple aspects of SEO.

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