October 21, 2021
19 Oct

Web Content – The Scalable Business Asset

Web Content - Business AssetWeb Content – The Scalable Asset

Online Content Scales Sooooo Easily

One of the big reasons you need to publish your content online is that it is so easy to reach an audience. If you create web content for one of your visitors then you have spent some time and effort. This time and effort is almost the same if the content is consumed 100,000 times. Content is and will continue to be a vital and essential part of marketing.

Content is not a fad.

High quality web content has always been a smart way to build a loyal audience. It also allows your audience to grow.

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17 Oct

Reading in a Different Niche

Content Marketing - Niche MarketingContent Marketing – Reading in a Different Niche

I do quite a bit of reading online and as you may imagine much of this reading is reading a blog. I am always looking for new ideas so I read blogs not necessarily in my area of expertise.


This results in me seeing some creative work and a different approach and style from what I see from the people writing in my niche. 

I have been noticing some good blogging work and will highlight some observations in this post.

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15 Oct

Blogging Lessons Learned

Blogging Lessons LearnedBlogging Lessons Learned

Here are some key lessons that every blogger needs to learn. The sooner you learn these lessons the better off you will be. 



1. Blogging – Keywords

It does not make much sense to write a great blog post – one that that you have worked hard on – that adds value to any potential reader if there are no readers. Search Engine Optimization is important for driving traffic to your posts and search engine optimization starts with keywords.

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03 Oct

The Blog Title Tag

Blog Title Tag - Blog SEOBlogging Tip – Blogging SEO

The Blog Title Tag

Your blog post title tag is the single most important place to put a keyword phrase if you want to optimize your blog post for the search engines. It is imperative that you set up the blog title tag properly for good blog SEO.

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15 Sep

Real Estate SEO – Blogging

Real Estate SEO - BloggingReal Estate SEO – Blogging

6 Great Reasons to Blog

1. Expert Content

A blog gives you a great chance to display your expertise on your topic. As a real estate agent people looking for a home in your community expect you to be an expert on the community. They expect you to be an expert on real estate and you may even have some additional and related expertise that you want o display as a way to differentiate yourself and your company.

A blog is one of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise. This is valuable for you and your business. 

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