April 13, 2024

SEO and Great Content Fixed My TV

SEO and Great ContentSEO and Great Content Fixed My TV

My wife was given a very nice (but used) Sony Flat Screen TV. The only problem was that it did not work. 

It was out of warranty but the prior owner told her that it worked perfectly and had a great picture until it went black. I decided that I would do some online research to gain insights into potential paths to follow to fix it. I turned to Google.

I love it when great SEO and great content solves my problems.

I quickly found some great content that provided some practical options on how to proceed to fix this great TV. I decided to enter into a chat session with a technician that had convinced me – because of his authoritative content – that he had the expertise to help me solve my problem. The chat session lasted about 20 minutes and at the end of the session I knew the source of my problem. This chat session cost me $22.50. I was happy to pay it.

The next step was to purchase the component to replace what was non-functional. I was able to do this right on the same website and for a reasonable price. I received a down-loadable PDF that fully diagrammed the repair process. I also received a link to a video that demonstrated the installation of this component. These two items were all that I needed to install the component which would arrive in a few days. By the way the background music of the video was by Led Zeppelin! I was educated properly and entertained at the same time. Now that’s great content.

When all was done the total cost to have a fully repaired TV was $137.50. The total time was 5 days. I could have received the part by priority shipment the next day but decided I could wait (it also saved me some money). After I repaired the TV the picture quality was every bit as good as the prior owner said it was. This $2000+ TV was now repaired and I expect that we will have years of good use from it.

This is great SEO and great content in action. It is how the online world should work.

Most marketers realize the benefits of basic website search engine optimization (SEO), or the value of adjusting the pages on their website so that their site appears more prominently in natural search. This higher position results in more organic search traffic. Businesses that invest in a SEO content marketing strategy go much further. They create search engine optimized content that solves problems. They make sure it can be found in search so that it reaches far more customers through organic search and they make sure that it delights and engages their visitors.

Consider my TV problem. It did not work (a problem). I did not want to spend much money (a problem). I wanted to fix it. I had faith in Google. I turned to Google and found search-optimized content about a solution to my specific problem. I solved my problem quickly and easily and did not spend much money to do it.

The content was on an appliance repair website. They got my business.

The SEO and great content solution content could have come from Sony itself or from an online retailer of Sony products. By providing a solution to my problem, Sony would have had a chance to present to me additional options which could have included enhancements or even new products. Even if Sony or the retailer didn’t close a larger sale on that particular day, they would have begun to build a relationship with me by demonstrating their expertise in the repair of the product. They would have showed me that they stand behind their product. They would have shown me their ability and willingness to help me. Doing this would make me feel better about Sony or the retailer. Doing this would help them to build a relationship with me.

I encourage all businesses to develop a content marketing strategy that reaches and connects with their target audience.

  • First, understand the many things their customers might need or want to know. Provide what they need even if what they may want to do is just research a product or service before making a purchase.
  • Second, develop content that addresses their needs.
  • Third, ensure that all of your content is optimized properly to appear prominently in search results.
  • Fourth, measure the traffic and sales that result, to determine the ROI of your content marketing investment.

A business that creates trust and demonstrates their expertise and willingness to help is a great business. A business that creates search engine optimized high quality content that helps people to solve problems is a superior business. The flip side is an inferior business. The management of an inferior business might say “I just need a basic website.” or “We’re too busy to create content.” Or “No one reads long content.” When I hear statements such as these I realize that they may be a bit lazy or they are not well organized and lack creativity. They may even lack confidence in their own business.

What statements do you make about your willingness and ability to create delightful content? What kind of business is yours?

Content Marketing – Blogging

A blog is a great way to present your expertise and you can blog about solutions and keep these solution posts in your blog archives. Search engine optimized posts will be found online and cited by others (links). This builds even more credibility and authority.

If you want to consider starting a blog as part of your content marketing plan then I invite you to download our Blog Initiation Questionnaire. It contains a set of questions that will help you to think out important aspects of competition beating content marketing using a blog.