July 17, 2024

Google Is a Referral Resource

Google Is a Referral Resource

Word-of-Google Referrals – Google and SEO

Google and SEOThink of it this way: What if I recommended a particular product or service to you. You acted on my recommendation and purchased the product or service. However, you were not satisfied. The value of the service you received was low in comparison to the price you paid or the product did not work well. Would you trust me for future product recommendations? Probably not – why should you.

It’s the same with Google. They need to refer searchers to the most relevant results that also work as they should. Google wants (actually Google needs to do this to stay in business) to make good or even excellent referrals. Google wants you to be thrilled with their referrals (recommendations).

Google wants it customers (searchers) to have a great customer experience.

A site with poor content, slow load times, or technical errors should be downgraded by Google because it provides a poor user experience. A website that provides and inferior user experience compared to its peers deserves to be downgraded (lose position) in relation to its website peers. An inferior website is not a good referral, from Google’s perspective, because, in its judgment, its customers will not be satisfied with the experience.

If you think of Google in this manner then it will help you to think about how to get Google to refer your website or blog to the search public (your potential customers).

You need to think about how to delight the visitors that Google sends your way. If you delight them then Google will reward you with better position and even more visitors. Google loves to refer (its the primary job of Google) but it will only refer responsibly.

Google and SEOGoogle and SEO

Here is a tool you may want to consider using. It is the Google Webmaster Tools tool. With this tool you can learn if Google has any issues with your website.

Set up a Google Webmasters Tools account and use the account tools provided and pay attention to any messages Google sends to you via your Google Webmaster Tools account.

To ignore this aspect of search engine optimization is at your peril (or loss of position).

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