May 27, 2024

Content Marketing Tips

Content Marketing Tips

It’s all about sharing . . .

Use your Voice! It is important to engage and to share your particular knowledge and expertise. This is a central component of Content Marketing.

Content Marketing Tips

Big conversations and meaningful engagement often starts with small steps. You need to create and leave your perspectives in places where others can discover them. Discovery means to have your ideas shared by others. If someone likes what you offer so much that they pass it on to the benefit of others that they know then things start to happen.

How do you help your own Content Marketing efforts?

Here are some content marketing tips:

  • Show the world you have worthy content by producing worthy content. This is a clear case where showing is better than telling.
  • Know yourself and do not be afraid to be yourself. Know your voice and your talents well and provide your insights and expertise to your content marketing audience.
  • Smart content marketing is about helping not hyping. Always look for way to help.
  • You need to understand your audience. What attracts them? What excites them? What repels them? When you know these things you can create compelling content that helps you to achieve your business goals by helping your audience.
  • Work hard to create your content. Do the research, Write well (or hire someone that does), optimize your content for search. If you work hard on your content then your content will work hard for you!
  • Create delightful content that people will want to share it as it makes their day more enjoyable to share something worthy. You should ask this question before you hit the publish button – “Is this content marketing piece worth sharing?”.
  • Create content that is about your existing or potential client. Do not create a sales pitch about your product or service. Your content is not about you but about your client.
  • Create content that has any or all of these components: 
Content-Marketing-Tips-Ckecklist-1A Has an interesting story aspect
Content-Marketing-Tips-Ckecklist-1A Includes a great graphic
Content-Marketing-Tips-Ckecklist-1A Inserts something funny
Content-Marketing-Tips-Ckecklist-1A Provides a unique insight
Content-Marketing-Tips-Ckecklist-1A Contains helpful advice

Think long and hard about your audience (clients or potential clients)

Content-Marketing-Tips-Ckecklist-1A What are their priorities?
Content-Marketing-Tips-Ckecklist-1A What translates into their success?
Content-Marketing-Tips-Ckecklist-1A What are barriers to their success?
Content-Marketing-Tips-Ckecklist-1A What path will they take to solve their problems?
Content-Marketing-Tips-Ckecklist-1A What are their decision criteria?


If you know these five things about your audience well then you cannot help but create delightful content for your them.

Content Marketing Tips – How About a Full Tutorial!

If you would like to learn more about content marketing beyond the content marketing tips level then I invite you to read through our content marketing tutorials by clicking on this link. 

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