August 12, 2022

Blogging as an Authority

Blogging as an Authority

Work to Create Movement for your Content


The assumption of this blog post is that you, the reader, are an authority in your niche. To be a successful blogger you do need to have enough background knowledge and expertise that you can create interesting, valuable and delightful content – again, with a focus on your niche.




If you cannot create valuable content then don’t even get into the race. You will only have a chance with poor content if there is a void of content within the niche-focus area. But even if there is a void of content in your niche you cannot present yourself as an authority with poor content. Therefore, great content is a given. The real point I am making is that if there is an abundance of high-quality content in your niche then it is difficult to get exposure and the real task is then to create movement for your content.

You produce great content now you are ready for the race.

What do you do? The race is to gain exposure for your content.

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Five Ways to Improve Your Position in Search

Five SEO Solutions

Don’t Be Grim – Solve The Problem

Google and the other major search engines want to provide the best user (searcher) experience they can achieve. They depend on us (website owners) to create a valuable and excellent user experience. If we don’t the search engines respond by presenting our site lower down in the search results. This may be grim but you can solve the problem. Don’t let your website be escorted to the website graveyard by the Grim SEO Reaper.

5 SEO Solutions - The SEO Grim Reaper



Here’s what you can do.

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Hummingbird Friendly Content

Hummingbird Friendly ContentIs Your Content Google Hummingbird Friendly?

When you set up a new website page or write a new blog post is it all about you and your self-serving objectives? If this is the case then you are likely to limit your search exposure with your content marketing.

Google is now starting to rank content based on user search intent and the context of the content itself. You need to understand this and make an effort to mesh with this. To mesh with the search engines drives quality traffic and this can lead to higher conversion rates.

Here are some ideas to help your content stand out. These types of content work well for humans and as content ideas in today’s SEO environment.

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Setting Content Marketing Objectives

Content Marketing Objectives

Content Marketing Objectives

Understand, Plan, Implement, Measure & Adjust

Before a business decides what content to create and optimize it is important to take a step back and ask an essential marketing question, “What are we trying to do? or . . . What are we trying to accomplish? The answer is often obvious “We’re trying to get more people to buy what we are selling!”

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The Long Click

The Long Click

The-Long-Click-1Do People Like Your Content?


Here is an idea that goes hand-in-hand with content marketing, the idea of creating content that delights your audience and achieves high search results. You can improve your position is search by improving the onsite experience of your visitors. In search it is called the long click.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization (SEO): Many Focus Areas

Can You Find the SEO Gold?

Understanding what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is can be confusing. There is quite a bit to it and it is practiced in many different ways. The scope of SEO services can also vary significantly as one SEO company will have a certain SEO philosophy and tools and focus on what they do best and another SEO company may have a very different philosophy and a different tool set and the two approaches may be very different.

There are basic components but the best performance results are when a tool set combines multiple aspects of SEO.

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SEO Marketing Consultant Psychology

SEO Content Marketing - SEO Consultant - Invited Late to the Party . . .SEO Content Marketing – The Psychology

Often, as an SEO Content Marketing Consultant I am asked to get involved with the SEO of a website at an advanced stage of website development. Design elements are already in place, graphics created, page structure determined, even the selling and lead generation processes have been finalized before the owner or manager invites the SEO Marketing Consultant to “do the SEO”.

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3D Content Marketing

3D Content Marketing 3D Content Marketing

Desktop Manufacturing

If you ever had any doubt that online content is the king then doubt no more. With new advances in 3D printing technology and with lower prices on the horizon we can start to think about desktop manufacturing.


This is content marketing in the 3 dimensional sense. This adds a new dimension to online content (no pun intended).

Imagine . . .

You design a fine set of toys for children and never have to ship them.

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SEO and Great Content Fixed My TV

SEO and Great ContentSEO and Great Content Fixed My TV

My wife was given a very nice (but used) Sony Flat Screen TV. The only problem was that it did not work. 

It was out of warranty but the prior owner told her that it worked perfectly and had a great picture until it went black. I decided that I would do some online research to gain insights into potential paths to follow to fix it. I turned to Google.

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