August 12, 2022

Top Ten Social Media Marketing Questions

Top Ten Social Media Marketing Questions - Answered by Jason RobieTop Ten Social Media Marketing Questions

Answered by Social Media Marketing Expert Jason Robie

Jason Robie is President of Ridgeview Technology which is a search engine marketing and social media marketing company located in New Hampshire. He teaches programs and consults with companies on social media and helps the clients of Ridgeview Technology gain exposure using a combination of social media and search engine optimization.

Jason will answer some of the most critical questions that companies have related to social media marketing.

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Graphic Design – Interview with Cathy Meyer

Cathy Meyer - Graphic DesignCathy Meyer Graphic Design

Cathy Meyer is a Freelance Graphic Designer. She operates a Graphic Design Company located in New Hampshire. In this interview Cathy shares her insights into graphic content that can help to convey a message to your audience.

When it comes to content marketing content can take on many different formats and the graphical content of your materials is vital to ensuring high-impact content.


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The Four Stages of Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Four Stages 

Content marketing, like most business functions can be thought of as a set of process steps. Get good at each step and streamline the approach and integration of the steps and you have an efficient process. This becomes a business system and the more you use the system and work to optimize it the better and more efficient it becomes. 

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What Is Great Content

Content MarketingContent Marketing

What is Great Content?

If you read about content marketing you will see this phrase often repeated “create and publish great content” this sounds fine a first glance but it is sure to make you wonder about what exactly is great content.

This is a simple question with not-so-simple answer.

Defining great content depends on your point of view. What does it consist of, how is it used, and how to measure its value, are just some of the perspectives to be considered. Let’s take a look at how this breaks down.

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Blogging Makes You Better

Expertise and BloggingExpertise and Blogging

What’s In It for You!

An important aspect of blogging – that is often not considered – is that blogging makes you better. The act of blogging requires that you think up topics, research them, clarify them, promote your blogging posts and then observe the response. Each of these activities and the combined process makes you better at what you blog about.

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The Economy and Fear

Content Marekting and FearContent Marketing and Fear

How can content marketing help in this economy? 

The economy is what it is. Perhaps the recession is over. We may be in a recovery. Maybe the pain is behind us. I hope that Congress will make the right moves. Business marches forward even surround by uncertainty. No businesses proceeds certain of what’s going to happen. A business owner needs to move forward and operate in a business climate with a strong component of uncertainty about the economy and market conditions.

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