May 27, 2024

Why Hire a SEO Professional

SEO ProfessionalWhy Hire a SEO Company?

There are any number of well-founded reasons for hiring a professional SEO service.

It’s well-known that the lion share of website traffic originates with a search engine query. Also, it is well known that most people seldom venture past the first or second page of the search results.

The difference in traffic between being on the 1st page of the results and on the 3rd page is dramatic and may even be the difference between being in business or being out of business if your business depends upon web traffic. The importance of search engine position becomes immediately self-evident. For industries where a single new customer can represent thousands in revenue, competition for search position online can be significant.

Most business owners have neither the luxury of time nor the inclination to learn, master and apply SEO themselves. With the huge potential for search engine ranking to attract customers, this is a situation where businesses will want to hire an SEO professional rather than rely upon an amateur or gain (or lose) position only by chance.

An SEO professional will have a well-defined strategy. He or she will also have the requisite experience to understand the importance of keyword research.  A SEO professional knows how to weave topic sensitive keywords into webpage copy. Moreover, it is vital to know how to add the keyword phrases into the HTML of the web page. The web copy and the HTML must support each other to emphasize its subject. A SEO professional will also have the attitude to monitor position changes and traffic and tweak the website for improvement.

Top search position professionals will also have tools available to them to understand competition and linking networks to better understand what must be done with linking to reach a high search position.