April 15, 2024

Pride in Your Twitter Account

Twitter Tips – Being Proud of Your Account

Twitter Tips - Being Proud of Your Account

You may not be perfect but you can be proud.

There is nothing wrong with being proud of something you have done and this post is about being proud of your Twitter account. This means that your Twitter account brings you pleasure and satisfaction because you know it is adding value for others.

What does being proud mean to me when it comes to my Twitter account? In my case, I am proud when I have shared something of value with others. This could mean sharing something that I created – such as a blog post or graphic – or something valuable which was created by someone else which I feel would be of value to my ideal audience.

I feel pride when I use Twitter to display not only my skills and thinking but my ability to find relevant and useful items that can be shared and that will be appreciated by my ideal audience. Value is created when humans share useful items. It makes us collectively better and stronger.

It is also satisfying when I can share something of value which was created by someone else. I feel that I am helping both the creator of the content and helping the recipient. It also makes my tweets more interesting as I am adding variety.

Being proud also leads to internal psychological benefits. Feeling proud is associated with feelings of:

  • Confidence
  • Accomplishment, and
  • Self-worth

These are positive emotions and can have a positive impact on your performance. I am referring to a purely internal, positive, feeling that is related to how you view the outcome of some activity. This helps to motivate you to perform to the best of your abilities.

If one thinks about this a bit more one realizes that Twitter is more valuable as a platform when people follow, use hashtags and curate the good work of others. It is something to be proud of when you find someone’s account and follow them. This provides you with access to their tweets and provides encouragement to them. When you use hashtags well you can be proud of this as this enables others to experience the content and join the conversation. When you share the good work of others you are providing them with exposure and providing others with access to the content. This is also something to be proud of.

Your Twitter Account

Here are some key aspects of a Twitter account that should be established to help you gain the most benefit from your Twitter account and to help it provide the most value to your followers.

  1. Establish a strong profile (profile image, bio text, header graphic and pinned tweet).
  2. Use hashtags well to help people find content relevant to the hashtag.
  3. Tweet items which inspire, inform and entertain. If you can combine inspiration, information, and entertainment into the same tweet then this would be a delightful tweet.
  4. Find and share worthy content from others. This helps them and anyone who reads your tweet.

If you question whether pride is good or bad then consider yourself without any pride. Think about your accomplishments and in each case, consider that you are not proud of any of them. This would not be a good state of mind. If this state of mind also leads to lower self-esteem then it may have a negative impact on your work. Your performance level may drop.

You want to have a “can-do” attitude. If you are proud of the way you maintain your home then you cut the grass and fix the broken window; to be proud of the way you keep your car means you wash it and clean the interior; if you are proud of your abilities then you look for ways to expand them – you read, take classes and go to the gym.

With Twitter, you also look for ways to maintain and improve your account and you “cut the grass” and “fix the broken window”. To improve you read books and attend classes to expand your capabilities on Twitter. When you reach a certain performance level your “add more weight” and do some heavy lifting to get even better.  You may even seek out a personal Twitter coach to help you reach even higher levels (top performers in any area always have a coach).

To be proud you are always looking for ways to make your account more valuable to others. Pride inspires us to do better and this is good for everyone!

Twitter Tips – Being Proud of Your Account

Think about ways you can make your Twitter account better or think about why you are proud of your Twitter account. Feel free to share your comments below.

Don’t wait until you have reached all your Twitter goals to be proud of your Twitter account. Be proud of all the small steps you take toward reaching your Twitter goals. Use your “Twitter mirror” to see your Twitter strength, lessons learned and applied, and the value you have provided to others.

Additional Thinking – in this case, related to being mediocre. You do not want to be in the mediocre category for anything and you don’t want your Twitter account to be mediocre. Make your Twitter account the best it can be. You want your twitter account to be recognized as one of value. Here is a link to an article I found interesting on Mediocrity is a Virus it is not specifically about Twitter but about the concept of not giving in to mediocrity.