July 17, 2024

Top Ten Blogging Ideas

My Top Ten Blog Post IdeasMy Top Ten Blogging Ideas

These All Work and Work Well

A blog is one of the best tools available for promoting your business and services online. Here are my top ten ideas for blog posts that could be applied to any business.

Keep this list handy and look it over the next time you’re stuck on what to write about.

1. Write a “How To” Blog Post

Anytime the question of how to do something arises, the immediate action is to go to Google and look up the answer. Writing a 300+ word blog post about how to do something that is related to your business or industry (it doesn’t have to be what you actually do) can draw a lot of traffic to your blog.

2. Interview an Expert and Post It to Your Blog

Use the knowledge and credibility of others in your blog. This helps to establish your credibility and as a business that really knows what it’s doing and is connected with experts. This action also helps you to form a better relationship with these experts.

3. Write a List of Weekly News Articles

If you keep abreast of changes in your industry – and you probably do (or you better) – you’ve already done the work behind writing this post. Gather up links to 4-6 articles you have recently read about related to your business and share them with your readers. You become someone known for staying up-to-date and known as someone willing to share knowledge and insights. This adds value.

4. Highlight an Employee in Your Company and What He/She Actually Does

Everyone likes to see behind the scenes. Give it to them! This is your chance to spotlight how good your company is at what it does. The quality of your product or service is clear. Now, show off what makes it so good: the people behind it!

5. Have an Expert Write a Guest Blog Post

The immediate benefit of this is clear: a reliable, third party source is willing to put their name on your blog. The real benefit though is this expert probably has a blog with lots of followers and will be sure to tell them about the guest post. Followers who click the link over to your site will give you more exposure.

6. Take a Presentation You Created and Create A Post with the Content

This is another easy one because you’ve already done all the work. Use a presentation that holds general interest and reformat it (repurpose it) as a blog post. Easy! Done! Also, consider making an online version of the presentation and using it in your blog as a full-blown presentation.

7. Write about Common Mistakes in Your Industry

Here’s another chance to demonstrate your experience and expertise. Don’t be shy about telling customers about your own mistakes in the past as long as you also explained what you learned and how they can benefit from what you learned. It makes you more personable and people appreciate the authenticity.

8. Write a Post Listing Your Most Popular Posts from the Last Month

Here’s a no-brainer. This gives new readers a chance to look at your most popular posts, while reminding old readers of certain things you’d like to bring back to their attention. Also, this type of post affirms that your blog is actually effective and read. It is easy to get define the most popular from your blog analytics. I have even set up a Pinterest Board which is based on my most popular posts and this board has gained position in the search engines (even better).

9. Create a Case Study Defining a Problem and Your Solution

This can be a great way to promote your company and again demonstrate your expertise. If you want some extra support on how to write case studies I recommend the service of Heidi White. She is an expert on writing case studies and how to use them to promote your business.

Make sure that you highlight how your business solves problems and gets results.

10. Create an Industry Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

This type of post will also help to establish you and your business as an authority in your industry. People love to learn and work with experts. In addition, this type of post tends to achieve very good search results. People are always searching for answers and solutions. If you provide the answers then you are not only an expert but also a problem solver.

Don’t procrastinate. Don’t make excuses. Get out there and start promoting yourself with these 10 ideas for delightful blog posts. A blog post that delights your readers is good for everyone!